Report A Community Problem Below

Use This Form To Report:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Religious harassment
  • Racial harassment
  • Name-calling, bullying, personal attacks (verbal abuse)
  • Emotional abuse
  • Attacks on neurotype
  • Harmful memes, pictures, etc
  • Nudity or pornography
  • Sharing of private information outside a community
Do NOT use this form to report a conflict with a member that doesn’t involve violation of the community rules.
Please take that to a personal space to discuss and resolve.
Time-frame For Responses:
Marshall will assess these within 24 hours at the latest.  Most concerns are addressed same-day.

What Happens After You Submit A Report:

  • Marshall will personally evaluate the report and all links and posts cited
  • He will contact you personally via email about what will happen
  • He will contact the person causing the problem and let them know what will happen
  • He will post in the relevant community about the event and what is happening in response to it


The consequences and outcomes that happen are determined by Marshall’s judgment, the needs of the affected member(s), and the rules outlined here:  Rules & Guidelines

All decisions are final and not subject to discussion once they’ve been made.  Most of the time, discussion with the affected parties will happen prior to consequences being enacted.  In cases of extreme harmful behavior, the person will be removed without notice and banned from all communities, and possibly removed from the Learning System entirely.

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