​Are You Struggling With:

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    ​​Relationships that leave you feeling used, confused, frustrated and uncertain about yourself?
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    ​Anxiety about living your life, about the future, about getting what you want, or choosing things you want?
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    ​Insecurity about your worth, your feelings, your dreams, about who you are?
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    Repeating triggers and memories that don't leave you alone?
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    ​Shame, guilt, broken heart, anxiety and sadness about past losses, regrets, and unmet needs and wants?
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    ​Failed attempts at healing and finding your own natural confidence, self-love, and peace in your life?

​6 Proven Steps to ​Overcoming the ​Rejection and Pain of Your Past that Keeps You Stuck

​These are the exact steps that took me from​ being controlled ​what others would think and feel to confidence, independence, and success in my life

​About Marshall

​Hi!  You've likely come here based on an ad or a client of mine referred you to me.  Welcome!

​I'm a coach to people that are seeking relief from old, unresolved pain from their past.  I help people who struggle with codependent, people-pleasing habits, anxiety, and insecurity free their real selves from the unresolved pain from rejection, abuse, neglect, shame and normal daily life.

I help clients achieve lasting emotional closure, happy relationships, and deeper genuine living using your mind and body's natural ability to heal, discover and master new skills and situations.  I work to make it playful, less painful, and highly effective by using tools that are proven to work, easy to adopt, and that you can ultimately use independent of me.  My goal is to help you achieve strong intra-dependence in yourself, and healthy interdependence with loving, quality people in your life.  

​I trained as a shamanic healer and a relationship coach for a combined 4.5 years, and have...

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