You Were Taught To Question Your Worth

Something to ponder:

When were you taught to question your worth?

This happened from the get-go for me, but not in a directly abusive way. It happened through culture, comparison, and judgment.

I grew up in a system that made clear worthiness was earned – period.

So naturally I had to start doubting myself.

I was supposed to! That is what was required and expected!

You see, when it comes to one’s worth and value, that must be controlled in order for systems and cultures to shape and mold you into the assumed shape of “worthiness”.

That control is drawn from you through the introduction of self-doubt.

Not just self-doubt in general, but a specific self-doubt: The doubting of your Self-Sense.

This week in The Self-Trust Course, we begin to dismember this self-doubt and restore our natural self-trust in one’s self-sense.

This starts the re-alignment with one’s Natural Completeness and the shedding of self-doubt about one’s worth.

You were taught to doubt your worth so others could shape you into their internalized sense of worthiness. This is how the disease of self-hate and other-hate is passed on from person to person.

Start ending this cycle by trusting, just a bit, that your worth is immutable and infinite, requiring no justification, no defense, no argument, and no explanation.

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