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Give me a moment of your mind-space? You've come here looking for something. Is it hope? Is it answers? Is it curiosity? Tell me, and most of all, tell yourself what you're seeking.

  • If its hope, I can help you
  • If its courage, I can help you
  • If its guidance and direction in difficult circumstances, I can help you
  • If its having the courage to say, "No!" to unwanted things in your life, I can help you
  • If its taking on life and getting yourself to the Point B you desire, I can help you determine your path

Did any of these hit "the spot" with you? If so, I encourage you to spend a few minutes more here with me.

My name is Marshall Burtcher. I'm the founder and principle coach here at FreeTheSelf.com, and a ULC minister. I am on a journey of courage, confidence and play to contribute my passion to those seeking their own hope, courage, and satisfaction in their lives and relationships. It is driven by my passion. What is my passion? It is:

  • Helping you discover your extraordinary confidence
  • Assisting you in discovering confidence and clarity in what you want to contribute to life and get in return
  • Sharing with you approaches that allow conflict to become peace
  • Guiding you in discovering what you REALLY WANT in life, and then getting it
  • Helping you make sense of relationships, life, and more

To help you achieve this, I offer three types of resources:

  • One-on-One Coaching (Me-&-You Coaching™)
  • Group Coaching (@Play™ Programs)
  • eMail Insights, Articles, eBooks, and Solo-programs

Can I ask one more thing of you? Check out the free downloads and take home something for yourself!

Your friend and coach,

Marshall Burtcher  

    • Coaching in this will:
      • Assist you in releasing insecurity, anxiety, and fear about yourself
      • Tap into your individual passions and intuitions for guidance
      • Enable you to understand what options fit you and what will lead to fulfilling experiences
      • Feel confident in saying "Yes" or "No" to people and opportunities
      • Understand what your prefer, don't want, and what you're limited in
      • Give you techniques and experience to advocating for YOU
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