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Codependency is a ​result ​ of repeated rejection of your feelings, wants, needs and person. ​​​My highly effective approach (89% success over the past 9 years so far)  resolves healing that pain and transforms your relationships from control and disconnection to belonging and feeling loved for who you are.

​Anxiety is the symptom of unresolved fear, pain and uncertainty.  Bring peace and confidence to your world through my radically unique and powerful approach that resolved the pain and fear while unleashing your natural confidence and ambition for life

​Do you struggle to find lasting relief from the pain of your past?  Do you find yourself coping with your feelings rather than experiencing closure and "moving on" with your life?  Get total closure through The Closure Technique.

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​Codependency and Anxiety ruled my life, controlled my relationships, and smothered my love and happiness for nearly 25 years.  I was trapped by my childhood programming​, drowning in depression, anxiety, and a hot, thick self-hatred that drove me to attempt suicide, to hide from love and being seen, and to run from my life.

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