Victim, hero, watermains

Being the victim is wayyyy too natural.  Just today I had the opportunity to choose between hero and victim.

This morning (July 15, 2017), I woke up to no water pressure and a growing lake in my front yard.

Normally I would have been panicked and frazzled by such a development.  I would fret about how I would get cleaned up for the day, what it would cost to get it fixed, what the water bill would look like, etc.

Not today.  I find myself calm and open and a bit indifferent.

The practice yawning, stretching, and pointing my mind at “what else is possible” made this difference for me.

Anxiety doesn’t have to be your way of life anymore, either.  See, anxiety (especially for us pleasers and approval junkies) was a norm for us.

We grew up feeling on edge, ever watchful, and waiting for the “next shoe to drop”.

This is because our lives were engulfed by chaos that our parents and trusted authorities put into our lives.   Their emotional, physical or financial instability taught our brains to be ever vigilant.

This means our anxiety IS NOT OUR FAULT.  It is, most literally, just training.

And because its training, we can SHIFT THAT TRAINING.

We do that through a process I teach in Bad-ass U called “Re-scripting”.

I’m going to give you the first piece to re-scripting, and I’m going to tailor it to Love.

This week’s Sanity Check is about this process.  I call it, “Leaning into Love”.

If you’re having anxiety, shame, guilt or insecurity, this will help.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Identify the anxiety and its sensations in your body
  2. Yawn, stretch and allow yourself to center on your breath.  Do this 4 – 5 times in a row (watch video here)
  3. Proceed to Observe your thoughts (watch video here)
  4. Now, lean into love (watch the sanity check)

This will begin to recondition and retrain your mind to associate stressful situations with relaxation and peace.

Now, I DARE YOU to do this.  Seriously.  Double-dog dare you.

Show me your results!

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