The trap of “becoming a better person”

“Gotta be a better person…”

No. Not for me, at least.

I grew up under the concept that I was inherently sinful, bad, wrong, and flawed. These elements created a mandate that I had to become a “better person”.

This concept was then blended with my trauma. “I had to become a better person (by healing my trauma”.

It was clear to my childself that my traumas were tests, lessons, and things that must be corrected if I were to attain the ideal of “better person”.

This is abuse.

I no longer subscribe to this toxic concept of “being a better person”.

What I do now is allow myself to grow into more alignment and congruence with the values, principles, and self-concept I choose to be.

I’m not becoming a better person. I’m becoming more of who I want to be.

For some, that is downright “evil”, as I don’t subscribe to their values or principles. For others, it is irrelevant. For a few, it is a beautiful experience that gives them inspiration to be themselves.

Who would you be if you stopped trying to be a better person?

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