Do you have clients you feel would benefit from my programs?

Are you interested in evaluating my programs for use in your practice?

If so, here’s what I offer:

  • Client-purchased enrollment options
  • Monthly or Yearly Unlimited Access Memberships
  • Evaluation Access (only for therapists or coaches seeking to evaluate my work for use in their practice)

Read below for more information on how this works.

Course Design, Therapist Responsibilities, Marshall's Commitments

My courses are designed with trauma in mind. They are all designed with a go-at-your-own-pace expectation.
I work hard to deliver the content in a way that is least-activating and with care and regard for the audience.  My tools and practices are based on somatic principles of titration, pendulation, and tracking (I call it Rhythm). 
Below are the responsibilities referring therapists agree to by referring their clients to my work.

If you refer a client to these courses, you are accepting responsibility for:

  • Their work in the course
  • Addressing their questions
  • Supporting them through the course work
Below are the commitments I make to the therapist and client when they engage with my work:

I will help you and/or the student with:

  • Technical issues with accessing or using the course materials and the university
  • Address questions regarding tools, practices, techniques, and the topics discussed in the courses

Below outlines what I will not assist with or take responsibility for when a therapist’s client engages with my work:

I will not help with:

  • Supervising their emotional and mental health
  • Processing of traumas
  • Processing and management of distress, dissociation, or mental health factors

Client-purchased Enrollment Options

I offer four programs for therapist’s clients.

These four programs are solo courses, meaning they enrolled in and completed by the student in an independent-study format. 

I do not offer any live instruction or live support with these courses. 

These courses are all pre-recorded with a live student audience.

I offer email and online community support to anyone who enrolls.

The courses that are offered in this format are:


All purchases are subject to a 14-day refund period.

Monthly Or Yearly Access Memberships

You can grant access to all your clientele by enrolling in my monthly or yearly Access Membership.
This membership gives you a specialized link that allows any of your clients to access any of the included courses without cost to them.  There is no limit on the number of clients you can give access to.
This access includes YOU, so you can access the same trainings they are without additional cost.
Pricing For The TAM Membership:
  • Monthly $299.00
  • Yearly $2999.00

Apply below for a membership.  I will reach out and arrange a time to connect via phone or zoom.  This will help me get to know you, you to know me, and we can sort out the details.

Once we have an agreement in place and you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive the link for your clients to use.

Apply below:


I offer a 30-day free access to my solo courses for any therapists or coaches interested in evaluating them and seeing how they might fit in their practice.

You’ll be given the same experience as your client will through the sign-up process and the course access.

You can request a 30-day evaluation account by applying below:

Permission To Use My Free Materials In Your Work

Use of my materials is easy to obtain, and often free of charge.  Contact me at the link below to discuss what you would like to use.

You can request use here: https://help.freetheself.com

Got Questions?

If you have questions, reach out to me here: https://help.freetheself.com