Ready For Lasting Freedom From The Grip Of Self-Doubt, Shame, & Codependency?

And if you’re currently in therapy, you can experience deep, lasting relief right now.

If you want to break free of people-pleasing, paralyzing self-doubt, and feeling lost, I can help.

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Restoring your natural state of Self-Trust through 3 steps:
  • Step One: Gentle Warming Of Self-Trust
  • Step Two: Restoring The Legitimacy Of Your Lived Experience
  • Step Three: Centralize Self-Trust


Enrollment is limited to 75 seats per enrollment period and is open only 4 times a year. Check below for availability.

For Survivors Who’ve Been Struggling To Get Free Of Codependency’s Grip, Who Have Been Stuck In Therapy, Or Feeling Defeated In Their Efforts…

There’s A Crucial Piece Missing In Your Healing Efforts…

You’re Not The Problem.

Your Effort Isn’t The Problem.

The Self-Doubt And Distrust IS…

Self-Trust Is About Reconnection With Your Inner Self & Your Innate Realness And Validity

I’ve consistently found the major reason a “codependent” isn’t experiencing more peace, confidence, and well-being is…
Disconnection From Their Natural State…
What is their Natural State?  It is Self-Trust.
Self-trust means to treat yourself as LEGITIMATE…
Your experiences as REAL…
Your emotions as VALID…
Your perceptions as AUTHENTIC…

Lasting healing depends on you believing you have what is called, “Innate Legitimacy”.

Innate Legitimacy means, “strong confidence in inherent validity of one’s being”.

Basically, you believe all that you feel, sense, perceive, experience, and be is intrinsically valid and real. 

This is what it means to “trust yourself”.

It is this type of self trust that motivated you to learn to walk, to talk, to explore the world, and even to survive what you’ve endured.

And I guide you in restoring it through, “The Self-Trust Course”.


I want to help you experience real, lasting relief from your codependency...

And more peace, clarity, and confidence in being who you are...

Like most things, we either learn from personal experience or learn it from another

I’ve developed a specific strategy from my own lived experience with codependency (from narcissistic abuse & parental neglect) that has helped over 700+ recovering codependents experience confidence and safety being who they are.  I believe you will experience the same…


Survivors report they feel nearly immediate relief, clarity, and rest from their anxiety, shame, pressure, and doubt when using the strategies I teach in The Self-Trust Course.

They follow a specific approach that gently guides them in restoring their natural state of Self-Trust.

This approach utilizes a “bit-by-bit” technique that helps the mind, body, and nervous system adapt to self-trust again, allowing the survivor to be in control of when, where, and how much they explore.

This approach targets core areas of one’s life and persona that were attacked and harmed through the abuse and neglect they experienced, including:

  • Their experience of what is real
  • Their emotional validity
  • Their senses and personal awareness
  • Their gut and intuition
  • Their sense of personal power and legitimacy
  • Their limits and boundaries

Self-doubt, distrust of self, and the codependent behaviors of people-pleasing, fawning, playing small, and being invisible end – naturally. 

All by restoring your natural state of Self-Trust.

In this 16-module training, you are gently guided into deeply restoring and cementing your natural self-trust as the center of your sense of Self.

You aren’t doing this alone, either. Through twice-a-week live coaching and support with Marshall, you and your fellow survivors aid and support each other in healing the deep wound of self-doubt and distrust in yourselves.

This is what we do in The Self-Trust Course.

I Have Two Intentions For You When You Join The Self-Trust Course:

1) That you experience the power of trusting yourself first hand in specific areas of your person and life (aka experiencing the relief, the freedom, the joy of being YOU without the self-doubt, fear, or shame you’ve lived with for so long)
2) You have the support, practice, and structure to make that self-trust the epicenter of your life and your sense of Self

My desire is that you experience the healing power of trusting yourself first and most deeply by the time we complete our 16 modules together.

Because, when you don't trust your personal validity and realness...

You lapse back into people-pleasing

You seek out familiar kinds of relationships

Repeat old wounds and traumas

Condemn yourself and lose faith in yourself

Turn away healthy friendships and relationship opportunities

Suffer in isolation and loneliness

You can be free to be yourself.
You can feel confident, safe, and at peace being the person you are.
It starts with trust in your personal validity and legitimacy.

I struggled for decades with feeling safe and confident, even after 10 years of trauma therapy and deep work on my codependent impulses…

All that work became concrete, solid, and deeply rooted once I started practicing Self-trust the way I teach it in The Self-Trust Course.

My self-trust as allowed me to experience resilient peace, confidence, and freedom of being myself. 
I am excited to help you to experience the same.  Quickly.

Teaching this is one of my most favorite activities I do.

Because it creates change so quickly and deeply for survivors like you and I.

Join the 700+ students who have experienced my trainings and experience for yourself more freedom, peace, and care.

Come Join Us In This Adventure Of Self-Trust

Experience The Power Of Trusting YOU First

Here's what I'm going to be guiding you through:



Codependency tends to compel a person to jump in 100%.  This comes from the all-or-nothing, black-or-white binary thinking that trauma activates in the brain (btw, this isn’t a bad thing. It’s kept you alive!).

This often shows up as, “I’m gonna totally trust myself 100% now!” or “I’m gonna totally accept myself 100% now”.

This habit is one of the first major roadblocks to experiencing lasting freedom.

I get you around this through a my approach called, “Bit-by-Bit”. 

The “Bit-by-Bit” Approach helps you gently experience new things in small quantities.  This makes it safer for your nervous system and your body, and results in deeper, faster shifts than you’d otherwise experience.

This applies deeply to building self-trust.

Right now, it is likely that trusting yourself feels unsafe, scary, and even painful.  This is warranted and reasonable to feel.  Your dominant experience of trusting yourself has resulted in being harmed, gaslit, abandoned, rejected, and more.

Healing your relationship with self-trust must go gently, slowly, and at YOUR pace.

I help you do this through:

  • Guided mp3 practices with the Bit-by-Bit Approach built in
  • Single-focused practices for each module so you only focus on one thing at a time
  • Gentle go-at-your-pace trainings and course design


I use these principles to guide you in experiencing trust in 6 core aspects of your life:

  • Trust in the legitimacy of your awareness
  • Trust in the validity of your senses
  • Trust in the legitimacy of your emotions
  • Trust in the validity of your perceptions and experience
  • Trust in the authenticity of your capacities and limits (aka boundaries)
  • Trust in the goodness and validity of your needs and wants
  • Trust in your Personal Power, choice, and action
  • Trust in your intuition, sense of things, and hunches


Students and clients leave this step feeling deeply clear and confident in the legitimacy and veracity of their lived experience and awareness.  Say goodbye to feeling crazy, confused, foggy, and uncertain.



When one does not believe the legitimacy and realness of their wholeness and completeness, they feel:

  • Unreal
  • Empty
  • Numb
  • Lost
  • Confused
  • Isolated
  • Broken
  • Unworthy

Restoring one’s self-trust is dependent on one coming to understand, care for, and nurture their emotional reality.

I lead my students into loving care for their lived experiences and emotional reality through helping them trust again in their Natural Completeness (aka the wholeness that is our natural state of being).

This allows you to move deeper in self-trust and further out of self-doubt, distrust, and being dependent on the other for your sense of reality, safety, and legitimacy.



Self-trust is deepened through a two practices:

  • Legitimacy Amplification
  • Integral Behavior

These two practices guide the student in rooting their sense of self in Self-Trust and then aligning their choices and actions with the wisdom they become aware of.

An example:  Student becomes aware that they need to say no to someone’s request.  They apply trust to their sense of No, leaning into trusting their sense more than the other person’s perspective or reaction.  They then do the action of saying no and receive the outcome, trusting further that their choice is best regardless of what happened.

These two practices are applied to:

  • One’s capacities and limits (aka boundaries)
  • One’s Personal Power (choice and action)
  • One’s wants and needs
  • One’s reactions and responses to their experiences
  • One’s intuitions and hunches
  • One’s inspirations and desires

Students experience deep, concrete confidence in their personal beingness as they witness the long-term powerful results of joy, well-being, peace, and prosperity that result from Self-Trust.


The Course Details

    • Includes lifetime access to Live and Recorded editions of the trainings
    • Enrollment Price:  $750 for new students; $450 for existing students; payment plans and reduced pricing is also available
    • Start Date: Check Enrollment Below
    • Length: 17 Modules taught over 17 weeks (2 hours per module; one module per week)
    • Each module includes a 2-hour training & weekly practices for homework
    • Weekly practices take around 20 minutes on average a day
    • Classes are provided in video and audio (mp3) format
    • Includes access to over 50+ hours of training, comprehensive PDF guides for the practices, and 20+ MP3 tools, including guided meditations, release tools, and more

The Course Modules

This course comes in two sections; this allows the student to effectively pace their own growth and healing while also being guided by Marshall.



Module One:
Topic: Origins Of Your Self-Doubt & Codependency

Module Two:
Topic: Warming Up To Self-Trust

Module Three:
Topic: Cultivating Self-trust in Your Self-Awareness

Module Four:
Topic: Cultivating Self-trust in Your Capacities And Boundaries

Module Five:
Topic: Cultivating Self-trust in Your Senses & Sensations

Module Six:
Topic: Cultivating Self-trust in Your Emotions & Reactions

Module Seven:
Topic: Cultivating Self-trust in Your Perceptions & Lived Experience

Module Eight:
Topic: Integration Of Discoveries



Module One:
Topic: Self-Trust In Your Personal Power & Responsibility

Module Two:
Topic: Self-trust In Your Needs & Wants

Module Three:
Topic: Self-trust In Your Personal Sovereignty & Being

Module Four:
Topic: Self-trust In Your Natural Rhythm & Pace

Module Five:
Topic:  Self-trust In Your Intuition & Self-sense

Module Six:
Topic:  Integration & Next Steps





Live Mentoring Hours is your chance to get custom coaching from Marshall at any time in your journey through the trainings. 

Live Mentoring Hours includes:

    • Access to the Live Mentoring Hours Vault.  Watch over 2 years worth of custom trainings for past students
    • Access to the twice-a-week live group support (aka Live Mentoring Hours)  that happen on Tuesdays @6PM MDT and Thursdays @ 11am MDT (Mountain Time, Boise Idaho)
    • You’re no longer doing it alone.  You’ve got the support of Marshall and the Community at your back each step of the way

*Guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months

HOMEWORK HOURS™ ($3000/yr)


Do course homework in the warmth and presence of others students and Marshall.

This allows you to ask questions, share homework with others, and enjoy companionship.

Homework Hours details:

    • Access to the twice-a-week live group support (aka Live Mentoring Hours)  that happen on Tuesdays @5PM MDT and Thursdays @ 10am MDT (Mountain Time, Boise Idaho)
    • You’re no longer doing it alone.  You’ve got the support of Marshall and the Community at your back each step of the way

*Guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months



Taking the leap on your own healing is scary.  I know it was for me.  What made the difference is a warm, supportive community that I could turn to with my questions, my needs for understanding and support, and guidance.

I provide you with this support through:

  • Weekly check-ins via email on your progress
  • Email support from my staff and I (usually a 48-hour turn around)
  • Access to the private and secure Community™ of 2500+ survivors making their way through the same journey as yourself
  • Twice-a-week live group support to give you the personal touch you deserve and need in your journey


This Course Is Designed For Individuals That:

  • Identify with being a codependent
  • That struggle with trusting their own perceptions of reality
  • That doubt their feelings and senses
  • That wonder what is real
  • That feel unreal or invisible
  • That are struggling to get process in their own therapy and healing
  • That are seeking more peace, freedom, and happiness
  • That want to be themselves without fear, guilt, or shame
  • That want themselves back

There are Pre-requesites To Attend This Course:

  • Must be in therapy or seeking a trauma therapist
  • Must be in or seeking a support community online and in real life
  • Willing to do the work and take it at their own pace
  • Understand there is no quick-fix or instant healing; it takes persistence and curiosity instead
  • Understand that Marshall is not a therapist; he’s a trauma-informed coach and mentor
  • Agree to 100% responsibility for the actions and choices you take in this course




Starts January 17, 2022
$ 750 Lifetime Access
  • The Self-Trust Course
  • The Heal Yourself Strategy ($497)
  • Unlimited Access To All Live & Recorded Editions
  • The 5 Support Courses (HEAL, Thrive Strategy, Reclaiming Innocence, RapidHEAL Guides, NURTURE)
  • Unlimited Twice-A-Week Live Mentoring Support
  • Unlimited Twice-A-Week Live Homework Support
Live Course



Only students of The Heal Yourself Strategy™, The Know Yourself Strategy™, And The Relationship Strategy™ qualify for student pricing





After 25 years of codependency and 13 years of freedom from it, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional, relational, and mental terrain that come with knowing, loving, and living who you are.
I’ve built healthy, secure intimate and platonic relationships, resilient self-worth, self-trust, and peace in my personal life after a life of trauma, depression, social isolation, and failed relationships.
Today, I help survivors experience for themselves peace, love, connection, and the joy of knowing, loving, and living who they are.