Self-Trust & Perfectionism

Just pondering perfectionism a bit as I work on The Self-Trust Course…

Its a bit ironic, don’t you think?

Self-trust is, in a way, the antithesis of Perfectionism.Perfectionism suggests that there is ONE, and only one, way for things to be. What that way is, is typically established by the subjective claims of someone else.

This rigidity is the nervous system is part of the Fawn response to threats of being discarded or harmed. This means that perfectionism is a reaction to the threat of discard and having no utility for others (aka, worthless). When self-trust is introduced gently in small bits, this rigidity begins to soften. The constriction relaxes and begins the painful-yet-relieving experience of expanding a bit.

This is because Self-Trust acknowledges and values the Innate Legitimacy of the individual. There is no “one way” when you come from Self-Trust. There are many beautiful, powerful ways. Trusting in the beauty and power of your way gives space to your brilliance. It gives life to your creativity and joy to your actions. Inspiration can become reality.

Self-Trust brings you alive again.

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