Self-trust Is The Opposite of Codependency

In codependency, trust others as the authority over you (and distrust your own authority). They define what you should be feeling, thinking, doing, and being. They are made the first authority in your mind (good old fawn responses cause this).

In self-trust, you trust in your Innate Legitimacy. This means you recognize and acknowledge what you feel, think, do, and be. You are respecting yourself as the first authority of your life (nurturing healthy nervous system care).

This creates adulthood. And with that adulthood comes active ownership of one’s use of personal power (choices and actions you make and take) and the impact you gain from them. From here, you become deliberate and specific about what you allow into your life and what you don’t.

This is how you experience more peace, well-being, happiness, and wholeness after codependency, parentification, and narcissistic abuse.

It starts with trusting the legitimacy of all that you experience.

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