Self-Doubt Is Not Natural

Self-trust is your first natural state.

Self-doubt is alien to your actual nature.

Self-doubt was placed there through the self-doubt of others, of whom received it from the self-doubt in another.

Self-doubt is essential to losing one’s sense of boundary, sovereignty, and care.

Without it, a person would be naturally clear, direct, and established.

Imagine what that would do to the predatory cultures we live in.

You see, it is only through self-doubt that you are made to believe that “something is missing”.

In reality, nothing is.

But to know that – really, really know that in your bones and body – you’ve got to come back to experiencing the raw and real actuality of your self-trust.

You can do that right now through this question:

What shifts when you trust, just a bit more, that your experience, your emotions, your awareness is equally as real and valid as everyone else’s?

What do you, and who do you, discover there?

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