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One-to-One ​mentoring with ​me is your most powerful path to transforming your codependency​, and rejection anxiety, into rock solid self-choosing, self-confidence, and emotional relief.

​Mentoring typically consists of ​an initial12 sessions. These sessions span a 6-month period. ​Mentoring is via phone (or in person if you live in Boise, Idaho).  Sessions run for 90 minutes each, and include a detailed review that is emailed to you.   Each review outlines what was discussed, links you to any relevant information and resources, and describes your experiments for the period between sessions.  Sessions can be recorded for you.

Sessions happen at a two-week interval, usually maintaining the same day and time every other week.  You will have access to ​me via text, chat, email and phone for the duration of your ​mentoring package, giving you the most professional and powerful support and guidance in your journey in changing your life.

​I work to create a co-creative connection and experience with you while also empowering your natural power and confidence.  This means that my goal is for you to learn to transform your life on your terms, on your power, so you can be free of dependence on me or other therapies. When we're done, you will know how to navigate your triggers, your old relating maps, and understand how to live from your new relating maps, your new sense of self and choose you first.

I'm presently ​mentoring clients in:

  • Resolving ​Codependency
  • ​Overcoming the Fear and Impact of Rejection​

Pricing is dependent on income and circumstances of the applicant.  

I do not offer single sessions for new clients.  The minimum number of sessions for new clients is ​twelve​.  This ensures that you are able to apply my techniques and that you are getting effective results for your investments (I'm quite committed to your transformation and to my effectiveness).

To enroll in private coaching, you must:

  • ​Complete the Consult Request Below
  • ​Meet with Me via Phone To Discuss What You're Facing.  I will be exploring how we fit and if what I offer will produce what you're seeking, and if you're a good fit for my ​mentoring style.  We'll discuss pricing and scheduling if its determined we're a great fit!
  • ​Agree to Coaching, Complete and Sign the Coaching Contract and Make Payment

Ready to do this?  

Facebook Messenger is the most reliable way to contact me.  Open a chat with me.  Describe what you're facing and looking for ​mentoring in.

Note on email:  my replies may go to your SPAM folder!  Please include your phone number so I can text you to check your spam folder after I reply to your request!

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