Play Is Part Of Healing And Care

Care of self…

It includes pleasure.

It includes play.

It includes a bit of indulgence.

You see, part of care for the nervous system and you is re-engaging life from the space of play and curiosity.

So, how does one find play after being locked in a life of chaos and intensity and activation?

I started with coming back to swings on a play ground, then toy cars. These were some of my fondest memories.

Then I took mountain biking up and travel and exploring places.

These were play for me growing up.

This helped me reconnect with the sensation of play and the energy it carries.

Knowing the sensations of play in your body and the energy it brings is how you KNOW what play is for you. It is how you detect play in the ideas, experiences, and options you have around you.

You see, play isn’t an analytical thing. It is a spontaneous, alive part of you that leaps up and says, “YES.”

Consider exploring trusting, just a bit, that play is something you naturally have available to you.

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