On entitlement thinking…

For me, identifying and removing my internalized, unconscious entitlements is a work I spend a fair bit on. I do this when sensing into my own impulses, especially impulses that feel like someone or something should be a certain way and reactions to being told no are anger or aggressiveness.

My family home operated on entitlement and obligation in numerous ways, but what was most prominent was how the males in the family were given special entitlements in power, authority, and permissiveness simply because they were male.

This taught me to behave in some very immature, harmful, and violating ways as a teenager and well into my early 30’s.

Nowadays, when I catch my entitlement programming talking, I look for the desire hidden within, bring it to the forefront of my consciousness and see what it is. If it is something I can reasonably ask of another at that time, I will. If not, I thank the desire for being present and showing me a deeper experience I’d like to have and go forward from there.

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