Newsletter: Mid-August – Being Ok


Being OK

In growing, we begin to see success.  And that success feels good.  Its exhilarating.  Its encouraging and energizing.  And it can become the dominating focus of our work.  It is this we do not want.  Remember to be OK with where you are, as you are.  Healing is wonderful.  Success is grand.  And so are you, as you are.

To practice being Ok, do the following a few times a day:

  1. Appreciate yourself just as you are, where you are
  2. Approve of yourself as you are, where you are
  3. Sit in the sensations and experience this brings.  Get used to feeling it.  Let your mind relax into it.

Being Ok is awesome.  It supports being Present and deepens self-love and compassion.  Its also accurate to Reality, as you really are OK.

Tell me your insights and experiences with being OK by replying to this email!

See you in September!


Marshall Burtcher

Lives in Boise, Idaho. Father of 2 smart, beautiful children. Has a passion for the Alien movie series, movie scores, EDM, self-development, and ice cream. Tends to be found talking deep things with friends or out and about Downtown when not tinkering with Free The Self or coaching with clients.