Welcome To The Master Library

The Master Library is where you find all my free resources quickly and easily.  This includes:

  • The Healing Tools Library
  • The Community Resources Library
  • The PDF Guides Library
  • The S.A.R. Practices Library
  • The Masterclasses Library
  • The Interviews Library
  • The YouTube Library
  • The Courses Library (free and paid)

The topics each library covers is outlined below.  This will help you determine which library is best suited for what you need currently.  Scroll down to see each library or use the Quick-Access Links to get there fast.

The Libraries:

The Healing Tools Library

The library gives you access to the healing tools I use in my courses.  This is a collection of PDFs, guided meditations via video, trainings, and even a full course (The Be Calm™ System).

Topics Covered

  • Anger Validation: The Anger Validator v1 & S.A.R. Practice
  • Anxiety Regulation Tools: The Be Calm System, Basic Attachment Distress Regulator, Distress To Rest Guide, The Daily Regulation Guide
  • Compassion Tools: The Compassion Tool
  • Enmeshment: The Releasing Responsibility Release Guide v1
  • Fatigue Clearings: S.A.R. Fatigue Release v1
  • Fear Clearings: The S.A.R. Moving Through Fear Practice
  • Grief Clearings: Validate Your Grief & S.A.R. Practice
  • Guilt Release & Clearings: Guilt Release Guide & S.A.R. Practices
  • Nurturing Self-Esteem (Praise and Appreciation Tool, Innate Value Retrieval Tool)
  • Safety Tools: The Safety Retrieval Guide, The Restoring Safety Training
  • Sanity Tools: The Legitimzer, Euphoria Breaker,  The Sane Maker
  • Shame Release & Clearings: Shame Release Guide & S.A.R. Practices

The Quick-list Library

The library gives you access to my easy to use quick-lists for quick and fast reference and reminders in your journey beyond codependency.

Topics Covered

  • The 8 Relationship Bare Minimums
  • What To Apologize For
  • The Two Commitments
  • Narcissism-vs-Codependency
  • Healthy Helping
  • And over 60+ More

The Community Resources Library

This library connects you to various ways to get support, get answers, and guidance in your journey into your well-being and happiness.

Topics Covered

  • Joining The Thriving Beyond Codependency Community
  • Contacting Marshall With Questions in 3 Different Ways: Email, Facebook Chat, and Community Hours
  • Sharing Anonymously Within The Community

The PDF Guides Library

This is where you find all my specialized PDF guides that address specific problems and struggles we face in our healing and maintaining our well-being.

Topics Covered

  • The Sanity Now Guide: Learn how to respond to toxic communication while keeping yourself and maintaining your sanity.
  • Are They Safe Or Toxic Guide: Learn the specific signals of healthy and unhealthy individuals and discern who is and is not safe in your life.
  • The 8 Habits: Discover how to overcome the common codependent habits we exhibit by doing healthy habits instead.
  • Retrieving Safety: Take control of your safety and help restore your well-being with this guide.

S.A.R. Practices Library

This library includes every S.A.R Practice completed to date.  These are guides that help you explore a topic using a technique called “Somatic Awareness & Release”. 

Topics Covered

  • Anger
  • Fatigue
  • Fear
  • Grief
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • And many, many more

The Masterclasses Library

Discover more insight around narcissistic people, love addiction, healing codependency and more through my masterclasses.

Topics Covered

  • How To Restore Safety, Sanity, And Self After Narcissistic Abuse
  • Unmasking The Narcissist
  • And more to come!

The Interviews Library

Watch interviews I’ve done with other professionals in the field on a variety of topics directly related to codependency, narcissism, and healing.

Topics Covered

  • The 10 Core Needs And How They Break Us Free Of Codependency
  • Reaching Beyond Your Codependency To Your Happiness
  • What Is Codependency?
  • How To Heal Trauma
  • And more to come!

The Podcast Library

Listen to my free public trainings via your favorite podcast platform.  New episodes published throughout the week.

Topics Included

  • Get Clarity Series
  • How To Know Yourself Series
  • Blunt Cake Series
  • And more to come!

The YouTube Library

Watch all my free trainings on my YouTube channel.  New trainings are added 2-3 times a week!

Topics Covered

  • The Trauma Bond
  • Codependency
  • Trauma
  • Love Addiction
  • Personal Power
  • Identity
  • Healing
  • Anxiety
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • And Much More

The Courses Library

Check out my free and paid courses, including Be Calm, Get Clarity, and The Heal Yourself Strategy.

Topics Covered

  • The BE CALM™ System
  • Get Clarity™ Email Trainings
  • The Heal Yourself Strategy™
  • The Know Yourself Strategy™
  • The Relationship Strategy™
  • And More!