Liberate Your Personal Worth From Shame, Guilt, Rejection, Approval, And Failure & Enjoy Persistent, Deep Confidence And Self-worth

Do you struggle with...

  • Feeling paralyzed by the idea of failure?
  • A fear of rejection that makes it hard to build friendships and relationships?
  • Feeling controlled by how others think and feel about you?
  • Feeling shameful or unworthy in general?

Liberate Your Worth from these traps and discover the ease, peace, and even joy you can experience in creating the life you want to enjoy.

Are you struggling with...

  • Feeling unworthy no matter how much therapy or self-help you do?
  • A persistent sense of inadequacy or anxiety about your worth?
  • Chasing your worth by trying to earn other people’s approval?
  • A repeating cycle of building your self-esteem, only to have it collapse in the face of rejection, criticism, or failure?

Are you seeking...

  • A sense of confidence in yourself that can withstand rejection, failure, and change?
  • A sense of worth that inspires and guides you?
  • Freedom from the see-saw of confidence-then-insecurity?
  • To know your worth and who you are?
  • Freedom from the domination of shame, insecurity, and inadequacy?
  • To feel confidence and safe to do what you really want with your life?

Who You Are Isn't The Problem. What You Believe Makes You Worthy Is

A person’s sense of worth is created by the way others react and respond to that person’s wants, needs, feelings, and personality.

Insecurity, inadequancy, and worthlessness come from being repeatedly neglected, criticized, shamed, ignored, or met with dismissiveness or indifference towards one’s feelings, pain, joy, wants, and needs.  This is toxic treatment.

Confidence, self-worth, and love of one’s self comes from healthy praise, attention, affection, and care.

This shows that one’s sense of worth is programmed.

What if that could be reprogrammed with a sense of worth that doesn’t change based on outcomes, people’s approval or disappointment, and that you can rely on to guide you in your life?

Liberate Your Worth From The Trap Of Conditions And Justification

What if you are made of infinite, indomitable, invulnerable worth?
What becomes possible for you in your life?
This is the reality I want to help you experience for yourself.
I can do that by helping you experience and liberate your real worth from the clutches of shame, guilt, fear, abandonment, and rejection.
I do this through the 4-step Indomitable Worth System.

The Indomitable Worth System

Most of the time we try to build our self-worth or self-esteem through practices that amplify our sense of value through success, skills, relationships, and so forth.

This unconsciously links our sense of worth to these factors, giving them the power to raise or lower our self-esteem based on what happens to them.

This becomes a self-worth trap.

I help you free yourself from this trap through four steps:

  • Step One: Discover Possibility (which you’ve completed)
  • Step Two: Liberate your Indomitable Worth from the conditions that trap it
  • Step Three: Embody who you are as your Indomitable Worth
  • Step Four: Express who you are from your Indomitable Worth in the area of relationships, wealth, purpose, and joy
You exit these four steps with a deep, living experience of real worth that doesn’t rely on others, circumstances, or your past. 
This sets you up for success in building new relationships, friendships, work, business – whatever it is you desire to have in your life – as you won’t have to navigate intense fear of rejection, bursts of shame and insecurity that make you doubt yourself, or get hooked on chasing people’s approval.

This Is Taught Over 11 weeks

You are guided in mastering these three steps through 11 weeks of live training, including:
FOCUS: Making It Safer To Change
  • Module One: Origin of Low Self-Worth & Possibility
  • Module Two: Cultivating Safety in the Nervous System
  • Module Three: Making Change Safe with Curiosity
  • Module Four: Care of Emotions
  • Module Five: Building Capacity For Change

FOCUS: Liberation of Indomitable Worth
  • Module Six: Discovery Of Indomitable Worth
  • Module Seven: Liberation Indomitable Worth From Meaning
  • Module Eight: Transitioning From Conditional Worth To Indomitable Worth
  • Module Nine: Identifying As Your Indomitable Worth

FOCUS: Embodying & Expressing Your Indomitable Worth
  • Module Ten: Differentiating Old Self From New Self
  • Module Eleven: Expression And Living As Indomitable Worth


Class Details:

  • Each class session will last about 2 hours each
  • 11 classes total
  • Includes lifetime access to the recordings and future live repeats of these trainings
  • Includes mp3, video, and pdfs
  • Unlimited community support & email support

Experience Deep Self-Love, Confidence, And Clarity

Loving yourself becomes deeply easy when you are anchored in your Indomitable Worth.  You will be able to trust yourself easily, sense into your intuition and guidance, and direct your life guilt and shame-free.

Students report that they:

  • Feel deeper love for who they are
  • Feel more confident when facing challenges, uncertainty, and doing new things
  • Feel less anxiety, panic, and shame on a daily basis
  • Experience deeper clarity about their own purpose and direction in life
  • Enjoy more authentic friendships and relationships
  • Feel safer being themselves
  • Significant drop in needing to people-please, earn worth, or be perfect to feel worthy


Come join us and liberate your worth from the traps of shame, approval, rejection, success, failure, and circumstances. 


The Liberation Trainings Are Designed For Individuals That:

  • Identify with being a people-pleaser and seek love through approval
  • That struggle with trusting their own perceptions of reality
  • That doubt their feelings and senses
  • That wonder what is real
  • That feel unreal or invisible
  • Struggle to create healthy relationships, trust, and connection
  • That are seeking to have relationships and friendships that are satisfying
  • That are seeking more purpose and prosperity in their life
  • That want to be themselves without fear, guilt, or shame
  • That want themselves back

There are Pre-requesites To Join The System:

  • Must be in therapy, seeking a trauma therapist, or willing to find one if advised to
  • Must be in or seeking a support community online and in real life
  • Willing to do the work and take it at their own pace
  • Understand there is no quick-fix or instant healing; it takes persistence and curiosity instead
  • Understand that Marshall is not a therapist; he’s a trauma-informed coach and mentor
  • Agree to 100% responsibility for the actions and choices you take in this course



$ 297
  • Unlimited access to the 11+ Indepth Trainings
  • The Codependency Healing Tool Chest ($97)
  • Unlimited Community Support & Email Support From Marshall



After 25 years of codependency and 14 years of freedom from it, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional, relational, and mental terrain that come with knowing, loving, and living who you are.
I’ve built healthy, secure intimate and platonic relationships, resilient self-worth, self-trust, and peace in my personal life after a life of trauma, depression, social isolation, and failed relationships.
Today, I help survivors experience for themselves peace, love, connection, and the joy of knowing, loving, and living who they are.