Now you some insight into your sense of self worth.

If you need to see it again, check your email, as we emailed you a copy of your score.

Your score is your starting point in creating freedom, peace, healthy relationships, and happiness again in your life as it gives you insight into how much codependency is driving your daily life, relationships, and choices.

Identify your next steps below based on your score.

Evaluate Your Score:

0-18 Points: Continue to grow your relationships and sense of self in your life as you have been doing.

19-40 Points: Explore where you can improve your sense of safety and connection in your relationships, and increase your sense of worth and safety being yourself.  This will lead to more connection, prosperity, security, and enjoyment in your daily life.

41-60 Points: Take a deeper look at your sense of self-worth, along with how to soothe and care for anxiety, insecurity, shame, and guilt.  There are important needs that are going unmet and need to be cared for. 

61+ Points: Codependency is likely the way you know how to live, how to breathe, and how to relate. You may feel that it is “who you are” or is simply all you’ve known. You may be in, exiting, or have just exited a toxic relationship. 

Next Step: Join The Decoding Codependency Workshop:

Decoding Codependency Workshop: The Six Habits

Shift people-pleasing, perfectionism, care-taking, earning love, "niceness", and the urge to merge by using my 3-step Interrupt & Connection Approach.

Date: September 28, 2022

Time: 11am and 6pm Mountain Time (taught twice)

Cost: Free

This workshop is for anyone seeking relief from people-pleasing, perfectionism, earning worth and love, fixing themselves or others, being “nice” all the time, or finding themselves wanting to merge with others.

You and I will explore the root cause of these behaviors, how they are actually tactics in a strategy to meet three specific essential needs that you have, and you’ll receive my 3-step strategy that gets your needs met without those codependent habits.

You will learn:

  • What the actual cause of codependent behaviors is (hint: it is not a disease or an identity!)
  • What heals the cause of codependency permanently
  • The 3 Necessities and how they’re crucial to your healing and well-being
  • The 3-step practice that helps you meet your desires and needs without codependency

What you’ll learn has helped hundreds of students experience a greater sense of well-being, confidence, safety, and connection in their daily life without having to give themselves up in the process.

The Workshop Details:

  • Happening Wednesday, September 28, 2022, at two times: 11am and 6pm MOUNTAIN TIME
  • Class will last around 3 hours
  • Workbook and The Codependent Habits Assessment are included
  • Your opportunity to join the Heal Codependency Self-Study System and bring more relief, healing, and peace deeper and quicker into your life
  • Cost: FREE
  • 24/7 replay will be available the following day

Come join us and discover what drives your codependency and how to shift that quickly so you no longer feel powerless to those codependent impulses.

Enroll Below: