Is Your “Yes” Sabotaging Your Happiness?

Take a few moments for yourself right now and consider this question:  Is your “Yes” sabotaging your happiness?

Strange question, huh?

Yet, it has caused me to pause and examine my choices a bit.

Who am I letting into my life right now?

What tasks and obligations am I committing to that feel heavy, draining, or don’t really “match” me?

What am I saying no to in order to say yes to those things I don’t want?

Surviving the desert of love, attention, protection, and care (aka neglect and abuse) forced us to use our “Yes” to get what love, affection, and connection we could from our parents and spouses. Instead of our yes promoting our dreams and ambitions and personal sovereignty, we had to use it to regulate their emotions, avoid irrational arguments and fights, and try to secure some sense of connection and love from them.

Using the Brilliance of our “Yes!” this way helped us survive.

But now the game isn’t survival.  It is all about discovery and thriving.  It is about taking our happiness back from the past, our identity from the abuser, and our worth back from the shame.

This requires us to shift from YES to NO. 


For us, the happiness, success, and love come to us the opposite way we think it should.   Our codependent training has us thinking we have to chase to get.  It has us thinking that pleasing will lead to being cared for.  It wants us to believe that when we fix them, they will fix us, too.

Real love and happiness, though, work from the premise of having and contributing.

This means we have to prioritize and cultivate our space to RECEIVE and to KEEP.  Saying, “No!” makes this happen, as it establishes conditions around who and what we allow into our lives and what we give our time, energy, and attention to.  

Most literally, your happiness is found on the other side of “No!”. 

See how life is backward for us?

Our No! does not need to cause us dread, anxiety, or fear either.  In fact, you’ll discover that people who care about YOU and how you feel WANT and EXPECT you to say no.  That tells them you respect and value you AND them.  Only unhealthy people demand you never say no.

A couple of questions for you:

Do you struggle with saying no?  Is it hard to know your own voice and express it?  What is the cost of not using your “No!” on your happiness?

If you’re hungry and ready to take back your No and get back your voice,  it is time you take action.

That action is joining the BEING YOU, BRILLIANTLY mentorship that starts this Monday. 

In this 8-week training, you’re going to:

1) Master hearing your voice above the crowd and above that inner critic that is always trying to get you to stay small, invisible, and powerless.  You’ll be enjoying a very clear sense of “you”.  You’ll know what you really think, feel, want and don’t want. 

2) Master being ROOTED DEEPLY in who you are.  Instead of seeking value and self-esteem through approval and pleasing, you will rest in a secure, clear experience of your magic and brilliance.  Saying, “No!” will come painlessly and effortlessly.  Saying “Yes” will bring you joy and feed your real happiness and fulfillment. Basically, you get more of what you really want in your life and far, far less of what you don’t.

3) Master Choosing and Receiving.  Tired of tolerating mediocre relationships, jobs, and experiences?  Aching to be more, do more, and experience more?  This is the new reality you gain as I train you in how to choose and receive people, places, things, and experiences that make you come alive like a kid in a candy store (or me with my chocolate cubes…).

Basically, you will exit these 8 weeks knowing who you are, keeping yourself (no more absorbing others!), and having what YOU want for once in your life.

Do you want these results for yourself?

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