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Helps You Understand What You've Been Facing

You’re realizing there’s a problem and you are seeking help and understanding about what has been happening.

The Heal Yourself Toolkit gets you the trainings that help you make sense of yourself, the other person, and the hidden dynamic going on between you and them.

Find answers to the questions you didn’t know you were asking in the Heal Yourself Toolkit

Connects You To Real Tools

Understanding doesn’t create healing.  Practicing the right processes that target the true cause of your pain does. 

Get tools that do just that.  These include processes that:

  • Release Shame
  • Reprogram Fear
  • Get You In Control Of Your Anxiety
  • Help You Rest
  • Help You Believe Yourself


These are the foundation of your healing. 

Gives You A Daily Plan To Start Your Healing

Most of the time we need some structure to navigate the chaos and uncertainty and pain we’re confronting.  The Heal Yourself Toolkit gets you just that. 

The Plan builds on the understanding and tools and helps you put those things into action for your healing and happiness

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Hi! I’m Marshall Burtcher.

Before I found my freedom from codependency, I was suffering in a nightmare of cyclical abuse with my parents, stuck in a dead-end marriage, and barely coping with my shame, panic, and trauma.

I found myself on the edge of suicide, trying to run from the monsters in my head and the voices that told me I was worthless, harmful, and I deserved all the crazy-making, emotionally harmful behavior I’d lived with for over 30 years.

My codependency had led me to destroy my marriage, my financial security, and my friendships because I felt so entirely unworthy and so desperately needed others to validate me so I could feel worthy.

I believed that to be lovable, I must be loved first.  Without being loved, I was not lovable.

This changed when I took a leap of faith and decided that codependency and my toxic behaviors were a result of my experience, not the expression of who I am.

The healing that occurred within a year of that choice was so profound that I became an advocate for a new point of view: that codependency was a survival response to the threat of being discarded.  I call it “The Discard Trauma”.

Fast-forward from 2008 to today and I have helped over 750+ people find happiness with my unique, effective approach to healing.

Today I’m a proud father of 2, a fun boyfriend, and a mentor that is obsessed with eliminating codependency from your world and making happiness a day-to-day reality for you.

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