Rules Refresher For Live Class

Below are the rules that govern our time together.
The rules outlined below help create a narrow, focused container for the class so it is both a safe and effective container for what you’re learning.
By clicking “JOIN THE CLASS” button below, you are agreeing to follow these rules while in the group experience and within the online communities I offer.


The Rules:

Do Not Share Details Of Trauma In Class: This container is not appropriate for trauma details or discussion.  If you need assistance with a trauma that comes up, please email us at experts @ freetheself.com, share in The Community, or share in the Student Community in the Learning System.

No Sharing Of Politics or Politically Charged Topics: Do not discuss politics or politically sensitive topics, events, or persons (examples: abortion, republican, conservative, liberal, democrat, Trump, Hillary Clinton, etc).

You can use generic phrasing if your experience contains something political.  Something like “this political thing”.  No specifics!

We have this rule due to the high divisive and heated outcomes that have happened in the past.

No Sharing Of Religion/Spirituality: Do not discuss or mention religious or spiritual things using specifics, such as naming a religion or spiritual practice by name, or a spiritual person by name.

You can use these general terms: “my higher power” or “a spiritual practitioner” or “spiritual experience” or “spiritual belief system”. 

We have this rule due to high conflict experiences in the past, along with the reality that many students are survivors of religious and spiritual abuse.

No Offering Advice To Other Students:

Only Marshall or one of his staff are allowed to offer guidance, feedback, or instruction to other students. Students speak about their own experience; no one else’s.

Use of Pronouns:

If a person has pronouns stated in their ZOOM name description, please remember to use them when referencing that individual. 

If you have preferred pronouns, please place them in your ZOOM name.

Handling Differences: 

If one feels hurt or activated by the beliefs or perspectives of another, it is worth taking some time to explore that experience, what it means to you, and how you want to care for yourself. This is a place for generating acceptance of difference, not for judgment or trying to change someone else.  Use A-L-I and other tools for navigating that experience. If it is something you need to discuss with a student, you need to get consent from that student before discussing it with them.  Do not involve Marshall or his team in addressing differences unless it involves racism, bigotry, abuse, or violates the rules above.

What Happens When A Rule Is Violated

Marshall and/or his team will either offer a correction in class, or they will contact the student after class to remind them of the rule.  The rule will be mentioned in the next class as a reminder to the group as a whole.
Repeated violation of the rules will result in not being admitted to the class.

If You Agree To These Rules, Click Below To Join The Classroom

Got Questions?

If you have questions, reach out to me here: https://help.freetheself.com