Feeling Safe In My Body Looks Like…

What does feeling safe in my body look like?

It looks like:

– Me responding with care to my emotions when they arise. This care comes as a result of knowing that my emotions are legitimate and safe to acknowledge and respond to with regard and concern and nurture

– Feeling a security that my pain isn’t wrong, but it is “right” and real and doesn’t need questioning or fixing, only gentle love and kindness and warmth so it is held and comforted

– Feeling warmth towards my expansions and contractions of energy, closeness to myself and others, space from self and others, and knowing this is a rhythm I walk

– A trust in my senses, what my body is signalling me, and what my gut and intuition are revealing to me

– A space where all of me is welcomed by my Adult me. Parts of me can not like each other. They can be upset, reluctant, scared, joyful, bored, and so forth. They are all welcome

– Rest. My body is my first container and is a safe place for ME to rest

What do you find as you trust your body to be a safe space for you?

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