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Being the Bad-ass Your Are™ is the core of my philosophy of living. If you:

  • Struggle with People-pleasing, Codependency, Anxiety, Insecurity, and a small sense of self
  • Feel Powerless and victimized in life
  • Wrestle with having healthy, fulfilling relationships

This Kick-start will help you begin to see how to change that and make lasting change in your daily life. And its FREE.

Do you struggle with feeling connection and bonds with those you love? Do you feel frustrated and confused as to why your repeated efforts don't work? This guide will:

  • Help you see how you connect with those that you love
  • Show you what you're seeking to really get when you're trying to please, fix or control others
  • Build your experience in really bonding with others

This material is derived from my premier program, The Art of Being Bad-ass™