Deep Fears: Inadequacy

Inadequacy is what I want to shoot at today.  I’m wrestling with it right now, in fact.  I don’t want to be wrong in this article. I don’t want to fail or disappoint you, my clients and community.  I want to make points that are important and relevant, and (even though I’ve done this for over 8 years now), I still question myself.  And that is why I’m writing this.

Inadequacy Isn’t a Problem

I’ve spent years attempting to live free of inadequacy. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on training to boost my sense of adequacy. I’ve worked overtime and deeply to foster a sense of security that I can produce the outcomes others desire through me.  And now i give up.

What lead to this choice?

I decided to accept that I could feel inadequate AND still be effective.  It sounds paradoxical or like a contradiction, huh?  Probably because it is.  Yet, my creativity and exploration have exploded.  My expertise shines.  People randomly message me about how my messages are impacting them.   My clients are thriving and discovering deeper places of exploration, growth, and direction.  And now I can serve them more effectively (either through referrals to experts on their new focus or continued training with me).

What does all this mean?

It Means You Show up.  Then You Do.

This is my “ultimate” point: your adequacy is not found in the pompous display of proving.  Its found in the simple doing of you and the way you learn, execute, grow and expand your world.  Its found in the act of contribution.   Trust that people will see it.  Trust they will value it.  And, (now this is important), let yourself accept these praises and approvals and kindnesses and validations.  Let it LAND.

So, here’s the challenge for you:  Who would you be if you didn’t need to prove that you’re adequate?  What would you be doing RIGHT NOW if you were adequate?

Do that thing. Right. Now.  Get out there and face this thing! (oh look! another place for Curiosity and Being a Badass links).


Your friend and inadequacy master,


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