Decoding Codependency Workshop: Detecting Safe People

This is for survivors of abuse and neglect that:

  • That struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing, trying to earn love, feeling responsible for fixing other people’s pain, and more
  • Don’t know why they keep doing codependent behaviors even though they “know better”
  • Don’t know what else to do and are seeking real solutions
  • Feel shame, confusion, and guilt for not being able to break the codependent habits they have

Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Time: 11am and 6pm Mountain Time (taught twice)

Cost: Free

Are you...

Struggling to know what a safe person looks like and acts like?

Do you feel lost as to what a safe person is and how to detect them?

If so, there are two truths you need to hear:
  • Truth One: You are not alone in this struggle.  I faced it myself for over 20 years understanding that safe people show up in certain, predictable ways and I can detect those ways
  • Truth Two: It isn’t your fault.  You’re not a failure, broken, or fated to always feel this way

You see, finding safe people and building safe relationships often feels impossible, insanely complicated, and is burdened with the pain and fear of the past.

But what if there was a simple way to detect if a person was safe or not – all without having to put yourself in harm’s way to find out or risk getting hurt again?

Safe people exhibit 8 specific patterns in their behaviors, and when I learned this, it made my relationship experiences make so much more sense.

When you have the right knowledge and the right tools, succeeding in relationships and friendships becomes much, much easier.

Learn The 8 Behavior Patterns That Safe People Give Off

I will show you what to watch for, listen for, and acknowledge when you’re getting to know people.  This will help you know if they’re both safe, trustworthy, and what to do next in building connections with others.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • The 8 Signals of Safe People
  • The equation that signals compatibility
  • Red, Yellow and Green Flags to watch for

This knowledge has helped hundreds of survivors like yourself detect safe, trustworthy people, build connections with them, and experience safe, fulfilling relationships.

The Workshop Details:

  • Happening Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at two times: 11am and 6pm MOUNTAIN TIME
  • Class will last around 2 hours
  • Safe or Toxic Assessment workbook will be included
  • Your opportunity to join the Heal Codependency Self-Study System and bring more relief, healing, and peace deeper and quicker into your life is included
  • Cost: FREE
  • 24/7 replay will be available the following day

Come join us and discover what drives your codependency and how to shift that quickly so you no longer feel powerless to those codependent impulses.

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After 25 years of codependency and 13 years of freedom from it, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional, relational, and mental terrain that come with knowing, loving, and living who you are.
I’ve built healthy, secure intimate and platonic relationships, resilient self-worth, self-trust, and peace in my personal life after a life of trauma, depression, social isolation, and failed relationships.
Today, I help survivors experience for themselves peace, love, connection, and the joy of knowing, loving, and living who they are.