Codependency is not permanent. 

Fixing yourself is not necessary.

Get unstuck, heal for real, and start enjoying life, loving yourself, and having healthy relationships.

Learn how to get unstuck, start getting real results, and feeling more freedom by unlocking your natural healing abilities, all without wasting more of your time, money, or energy.

In This Free Workshop, You Will Learn:

  • How Your Freedom, Peace, And Healing Doesn’t Depend On Healing Your Codependency
  • How To Reduce Your Pain And Increase Your Peace Permanently Without Fixing Yourself
  • How To Have What You Want In Your Life Even When You’re Not Perfectly Healed

Workshop Details:

  • Available Immediately on-demand
  • Class Length: 1 hr, 49 minutes
  • Investment:  FREE to attend
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Are you struggling with...

  • A pattern of trying to fix yourself, heal, or get better only to be sucked in again by guilt, shame, fear, people-pleasing, or perfectionism?
  • Going in loops in therapy and getting nowhere?
  • Feeling hopeless, discouraged, or frustrated because you don’t know what to do, how to do it, or if you’re doing it right or not?
  • Not having support and guidance to help you navigate life without codependency?

If so, there are two truths you need to hear:

  • Truth One: You are not alone in this struggle.  I faced it myself for over 20 years before breaking free, and that only happened because I learned the real cause of codependency
  • Truth Two: It isn’t your fault.  You’re not a failure, broken, or fated to always feel this way

You see, much of what is taught about codependency comes from the wrong understanding about what creates it and why we do it.

We’re not addicts.  We’re not born with codependency.  Instead, codependency was the strategy we learned so we could survive the unstable, chaotic, scary relationships we’ve been living with.

This is what really changed the game for me.

When you have the right knowledge and the right tools, your healing becomes inevitable.

This is crucial if you’re to break free of your codependent habits, including:

  • People-pleasing
  • Perfectionism
  • Tolerating harmful behavior
  • Trying to earn love or prove yourself worthy
  • Fix or heal others in hopes they’ll heal you
  • Give yourself up to keep a relationship, get love, or succeed

Learn The 3 Secrets That Unlock The Real Healing And Lasting Freedom You Seek.

I will show you what the root cause of codependency is, the 3 Necessities it is trying to provide, and reveal the three secrets that unlock your natural ability to heal and thrive without having to heal your codependency, spend years healing your pain, or being endlessly lost in therapy and self-help mazes.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How your freedom, peace, and healing doesn’t depend on healing your codependency (no, really, it doesn’t!)
  • How to reduce your pain and increase your peace permanently without fixing yourself
  • How to have what you want in your life even when you’re not perfectly healed

This knowledge as helped thousands of codependents, people-pleasers, and perfectionists stop fixing themselves and start loving and enjoying who they are and the lives they’re creating.

The Workshop Details:

  • Available Immediately on-demand
  • Class Length: 1 hr, 49 minutes
  • Investment:  FREE to attend
  • Exclusive, limited time opportunity to join my exclusive Codependency Healing System

Come learn how to experience real healing, freedom, and peace from your codependency.

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After 25 years of codependency and 14 years of freedom from it, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional, relational, and mental terrain that come with knowing, loving, and living who you are.
I’ve built healthy, secure intimate and platonic relationships, resilient self-worth, self-trust, and peace in my personal life after a life of trauma, depression, social isolation, and failed relationships.
Today, I help survivors experience for themselves peace, love, connection, and the joy of knowing, loving, and living who they are.