My Core Healing Courses


The 5-day Codependency Healing Workshop

Discover the essential practices and concepts necessary for creating the well-being, happiness, and healing you deserve in your post-codependent life.
These trainings take place over 5 days and are immediately available now. Click below to learn more.

The Healing Codependency Essential Trainings

Learn the essential knowledge, practices, and self-understanding to create more self-trust, self-worth, and peace in your daily life after abuse and neglect.

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The Codependency Healing System: Recorded Edition

Be guided in transitioning from codependency to well-being and happiness by coming to know, love, and be who you really are.

This is what it means to live beyond codependency.

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Other Courses


Reclaiming Innocence™

Rediscover your natural innocence and freedom by reclaiming yourself from condemnation and judgment about your feelings, your wants, your needs, your being.  Bring an end to feeling shameful and unworthy and start feeling your worth.

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Dating 101 For Ex-Codependents

Navigate dating while keeping yourself, choosing healthy partners, and discovering relationships.  This 4-class course takes the mystery and confusion out of dating, making it safer, more fun, and easier to navigate.

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The Everything Forever Membership

One of the things I hate most about the coaching industry is the outrageous cost that students take on just to heal and thrive.  I hate it so much I created The Everything Forever Membership.

This membership gets you access to everything I’ve ever created and will create in the future.  Basically, you pay once and then can join and participate in any training, course, mastermind, or digital retreat/intensive that I have done and will do in the future.

This includes:

  • Reclaiming Innocence™ ($197)
  • The Heal Yourself Strategy™ ($497)
  • The Know Yourself Strategy™ ($125)
  • The Relationship Strategy™ ($1999)
  • Dating 101 for Ex-Codependents ($197)
  • The NURTURE Course ($497)
  • The HEAL Course ($997)
  • The THRIVE Strategy Library ($497)
  • The Codependency Healing System ($2000)
  • The Indomitable Worth System + Society Membership ($3000)
  • All current courses and future courses

Save money and get the expert training and practices that unleash your happiness and well-being.  Learn more by clicking “Learn More” below.

Free Courses


Be Calm™

Discover calm and peace again using special practices  that help you quickly calm your mind and body and help you become more available to your healing and well-being in my free system, Be Calm™

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Get Clarity™ Email Course

Discover and understand what you’ve been living through, including the 2 Cycles, The One Hook, the central role your attachment needs play, and how to begin healing from narcissistic abuse.

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