Coping: It Is Keeping You Stuck


We’ve been trained to tolerate, put up with, and live with mediocre experiences, relationships, energy, health, wealth and living. Mediocrity, as defined by me for our work in this post and in my mentoring and courses, is all about what is not safisfying to experience on a regular basis.

Basically, mediocity is a pattern of feeling empty, unfulfilled, and “meh” about life.

Coping is a primary function of codependency. We cope and tolerate and endure because that is what we believe we must do to get that precious “table-scrap” of love.

Coping keeps us repeating our old pattern. It is the literal opposite of thriving.

You see, we’re not here to cope. We’re not here to survive and to tolerate and endure to the end. We are here to thrive as our brilliance.

Now, coping isn’t necessarily a bad or wrong thing to be doing. It helps us weather the nightmare of the neglect and abuse. It helped foster a normalcy so we could handle life and get through it.

But if our desire is to elevate and expand our brilliance and fulfillment, we give up coping and start indulging in RECEIVING.

Take this moment and notice the difference in the sensation that exists between coping and receiving. For me, coping is thick, lethargic, heavy. Receiving is bright, open, light, and expansive. This means that receiving is the truth for me to follow in this moment (Brilliance Principles state that what is light is true for you in this moment and what is heavy for you is a lie for you in this moment).

Receiving is a very simple, yet challenging, act. Receiving means we make space for whatever shows up. This doesn’t mean we absorb it or make it personal. All it means is we’ve acknowledged that it is there and allow it as it is. It may stay. It may go. It may change. None of that matters. We simply observe and hold space.

This practice basically opens up our energetic, emotional, and/or spiritual hands and says to existence, “I am available.”

This allows us to let go of whatever we’re holding on to (like depression, grief, hurt, shame, emptiness, loneliness, and more).

I just finished a session with a client where we practiced doing just this. They’d had a very rough couple of weeks and were feeling heavy and drained. We practiced focusing on our breath and allowing whatever was present to be received. Within a few short minutes, he was feeling light, connected, energized, and inspired.

All because we was willing to Receive rather than cope.

What are you coping with? Are you willing to receive it instead?

Put it into action. See what changes.

Remember, those who do the work get the results!

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