Confusing Attraction With Knowing Them…

Another thought:

A tell-tale signal of euphoria and fantasy is confusing attraction for knowing who someone is.

This happened to me frequently (and sometimes still kicks in) growing up. I’d find someone attractive. This would create an instant sense of connection and sensation of “knowing them”, as my mind was reacting to a fantasy of how life would be with that person.

This can be extremely subtle, as it is a normalized habit that a person creates in order to cope with the deep pain of loneliness, relational isolation, and being invisible in their core circles of connection.

It took me several years to catch it myself.

My body feels a sense of elation and “smiling” energy when this kicks into gear. When that shows up, I assess reality: do I know this person? Do they know me? Have they shown me safe, healthy care, kindness, and affection?

Or am I creating a fantasy and reacting to that instead?

What are the facts?

May this add to your journey of living in sobriety and real love.

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