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16 Trainings To Help You Understand What Happened To You

Video One: The 3 Causes Of Codependency

Video Two: Fawning And How It Creates Codependency

Video Three: The Two Invisible Relationship Types That Drive Codependent Relationships

Video Four: The S.A.D. Cycle Part 1 - Seduction

Video Five: The S.A.D. Cycle Part 2 - Abuse

Video Six: The S.A.D. Cycle Part 3 - Discard

Video Seven: The E.D.D. Cycle Part 1 - Euphoria

Video Eight: The E.D.D. Cycle Part 2 - Distress

Video Nine: The E.D.D. Cycle Part 3 - Despair

Video Ten: Why You Feel Addicted To Them - Intermittent Reinforcement

Video Eleven: I'm "Trauma Bonded"? But Isn't This Love?

Video Twelve: You Have Needs. They're The Key To Your Freedom

Video Thirteen: The 8 Codependent Fantasies (And Why We Have Them)

Video Fourteen: Attachment - What It Is, Why We Have It, And How We Evolve It

Video Fifteen: Reclaiming Your Real Power From Codependency (And Undoing Learned Helplessness)

Video Sixteen: They Complete Me! Identity & Codependency

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