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Stop Trying To Fix Your Codependency.

Instead, Transform Your Codependency Into A Life Of Belonging, Freedom, And Fulfillment...

…without wasting more of your time, energy, or money trying to heal.

Discover how below!


Marshall Burtcher – Your Guide In Getting Unstuck, Creating Real Results, And Falling In Love With Your Life


The Codependency TRANSFORMATION System

All the power of therapy and self-help without the lack of order, direction, and structure

All the results of healing and change you desire without wasting more time, energy, or money

All the healing, freedom, and peace in your power – all you have to do is show up

What would it mean for you to feel more peace and confidence every day without having to change yourself or fix yourself?

What would it mean for you if you had healthy friendships, relationships, and community in your daily life?

What would it mean to you if you had more energy, capacity, and excitement for your desires?


In February of 2012, I was weathering a divorce, bankruptcy, loss of close friendships, and the breakdown of my life.  This was my pivot point.

By November of 2014, friendships were growing, my confidence expanding, my shame dropping, and I was building my business and life.

New romantic experiences, deeper friendships, more peace from trauma (abandonment and neglect, specifically), emerged and I found myself thriving.

This continues to grow today, as I am in a committed romantic relationship, share strong connections with my children, have thriving friendships, and enjoy achieving my desires.

What Would Being Able To Naturally Feel Worthy, Lovable, And Belonging Mean For You?

What Is The Codependency TRANSFORMATION System?

The Codependency Transformation System is a complete healing and life development system that guides you in creating authentic relationships, friendships, real healing, and natural self-worth.  It is powered by proven emotional and psychological principles that unlock your natural ability to heal and advocate for yourself, so you can choose yourself first with confidence and peace every time.

Body-focused Practices That Work

The Codependency Transformation System uses body-focused practices to help your mind and body cooperate in creating real healing that lasts, real worth that anchors you, real safety that soothes you, and real connections that nourish and fulfill you.

You learn you don’t need to be codependent to get your needs met.

Healing That Scales With Your Life

Once you’re tapped into your natural ability to heal and to speak up for yourself (without fear, shame, or anxiety hijacking you), your healing takes on a gentle organic path that expands you into more peace, more love, and more freedom. 

This is how you truly learn to live without codependency. Instead, you thrive through trusting yourself, loving yourself, and being yourself. 


This System Is Not...

A Short-Term Fix

Short-term fixes lead you into pits of despair and frustration. These set you up for more loss, discouragement, or even hopelessness.

Not A “Fix Myself” System

My work sees you as naturally whole, complete, and not in need of alteration to grow or succeed.  You do not need fixing.  You need to be known and warmly loved.

A Self-esteem Building System

Self-esteem is transactional, conditional worth cloaked in the promise that you can solve your insecurity by building yourself up. Real worth does need building. All that is required is you to come to know it, trust it, and be it.

Done-By-Yourself System

You’re not dumped into a course and expected to figure it out on your own.  Real healing and thriving needs connection, community, support, and guidance.  We’ve got your back in this work.

Hi, I'm Marshall Burtcher

... And I was severely codependent.

I was deeply trauma-bonded. I was an expert people-pleaser riddled with perfectionism and a massive sense of responsibility for other people’s feelings and pain.
It was all I knew and understood.  It was how I lived.
It was scary, lonely, and daunting to try to heal and “become healthy” (much less be happy!)
But as I started to see small changes in myself, I also started seeing patterns of what worked and what didn’t…

This started with having accurate knowledge about what was actually happening versus what others claimed was happening.

What most people are taught when it comes to codependency:

  • It is a disease you have to cope with
  • It is an addiction you have to cope with
  • It is part of who you are (like an identity)
  • It is permanent

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone.  I believed this was the truth for DECADES.

Then, out of desperation, and a bit of rebellion, I dared to question those claims.

I asked…

“What if codependency was my strategy for surviving the chaos of abuse and neglect?

This question opened me up to a new clarity about my codependency.

From clarity came hope.

From that hope came real change.

Here's Why You've Been Stuck In Loops Of Trying To Heal

If You’re Wondering Why You’re Experiencing…

  • No progress despite your efforts (two steps forward, one step back) in your healing efforts?
  • Confusion about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it?
  • The same outcomes and mistakes in relationships and friendships?
  • Pain that doesn’t seem to change or leave?
  • Shame and guilt that dominates your choices with people?
  • Tools, practices, and therapies that are not making any difference?
  • Discouragement and a feeling you’re never going to be happy or have a normal life?
  • A growing sense that maybe it is YOU that is the problem?

You’ve been encountering the same mistakes 1,000s of other survivors have in their efforts to heal, thrive, love themselves, and build relationships that work and last:

  • Not having the right knowledge about what you’re facing and dealing with
  • Not having the correct tools and practices for the challenges you face and the results you seek
  • Not having the right support that can guide you in understanding how to use the knowledge and tools in YOUR problems and life, and celebrate and support you in your discoveries and challenges
  • Not having these things in the correct order so results become reliable, strong, and consistent for you


You wouldn’t try to build a house without a blue-print and list of proper materials and tools, right?

Building your life after codependency is no different.  Without the right knowledge, the right tools, the right support, in the right order – FOR YOU – your efforts will fail.

The Truth About Healing Codependency

I’ve been involved in personal healing and growth for 20+ years, and a mentor to codependents for 15+ years, and I have learned on crucial fact over and over:  If you have the right tools, knowledge, and support, you *naturally* heal.  If you’re not healing and growing,  it’s either the knowledge, the tools, or the support that are not correct.  The Codependency Transformation System solves these problems.

What Makes The Codependency Transformation System Different?

Practice-Focused Design

Change does not happen through knowledge gathering or consumption.  It happens through practices designed to create the specific result you’re going for.

The Codependency Transformation System’s design is based on this truth.  You will learn the essential, correct knowledge, and then pair that with practices that make that knowledge into experience, creating the results that lead to more peace, freedom, and joy in your daily life.

Accurate, Up-to-date Knowledge

I don’t teach a course once and let it stand. I actively update the course, it’s materials and tools, throughout the year.

These updates are inspired by a combination of my own ongoing training, healing, and feedback from students and their needs.  This makes the Codependent Healing System a living, dynamic course that adapts to its students rather than students adapting to it.

Capacity-Led Pacing

Overwhelm, pressure, fear, and urgency sabotage real healing and real change.

This is why the Codependency Transformation System is designed to focus you on your own capacity and grow trust in your own pacing.

This means you go at your own pace and are fully supported at any rate of speed you choose, as there’s no time limits or expiration dates looming.  Everything is life-time, unlimited access.

Community-Centered Learning

Healing codependency alone and isolated does not work (ask me how I know!)

We need safe caring community to support, celebrate, and guide our efforts. 

This is why The Codependency Transformation System includes unlimited access to live trainings, support calls, and online communities for support, friendship, and care.

Unparalleled Support

Knowing that you have access to live support that can help you understand what you’re learning, practice what new skills, and be seen, valued, and celebrated makes this work much easier, safer, and last. 

Weekly live support calls (on Tuesday mornings and evenings), live trainings, live practice sessions, and  homework support calls ensure you are supported as much as you want or need in your healing and success.

Proven, Real-life Results

The practices, knowledge, and support offered in the Codependency Transformation System come from over 5 years of testing, development, and updates.

The results students achieve are a result of this exhaustive effort to ensure things make sense, work, and can be adapted if needed.

That’s the point right?  You deserve to get the results you’re investing in.  That’s what the Codependency Transformation System supports you achieving.

Scales with your life

Many courses do not build in adaptability or long-term usefulness.  This is a result of not being focused on being able to integrate into your life as a feature.

The Codependency Transformation System teaches you concepts and practices you can use for the rest of your life, creating long-term returns on your investment. 


Focus One: Restoring Your Emotional Safety

We cannot heal when we do not feel safe.  Nurture emotional and relational safety through learning skills and practices that heal and nurture emotional pain, mental panic, and build meaningful connections and resources helps the mind and body start to feel safe enough to heal, grow, and evolve.

Here’s the outline for this Focus:

  • Module One: Codependency Origins
  • Module Two: Building Inward Awareness
  • Module Three: Capacity-directed Healing
  • Module Four: Navigating Mind, Emotion, and Uncertainty
  • Module Five: Innate Legitimacy
  • Module Six: Your Attachment System & Core Needs
  • Module Seven: Unwinding Shame & Guilt
  • Module Eight: Safe-enoughness
  • Module Nine: Rest and Boundaries 101
  • Module Ten: Safe People & Resourcing

Focus Two: Restoring Sanity & Reality

Knowing what is real is crucial to being able to direct yourself, establish and follow through on boundaries, know what you want and don’t, and be able to execute your personal power for your well-being. 

Further, healing the trauma bond and ending the habit of chasing fantasies empowers you to find real, healthy love and friendships in your life. 

Here’s the outline for this Focus:

  • Module One: Anatomy Of Fawning
  • Module Two: Fantasy Deconstruction
  • Module Three: Reality Construction
  • Module Four: Sobriety – Part One: Ending Denial & Anger Processing
  • Module Five: Sobriety – Part Two: Walking With Grief & Relapse

Focus Three: Take Back Your Power & Sovereignty

Learned helplessness, trying to control others, and feeling powerless show how you’ve never been shown and allowed to harness and enjoy your personal power.

This focus leads you into your personal power and sovereignty, helping you recognize it, use it, and enjoy it.

Here’s the outline for this Focus:

  • Module One: Anatomy Of Sovereignty
  • Module Two: Creating Congruence & Personal Power
  • Module Three: Natural Completeness

Focus Four: Know, Love, and Be Yourself Through Your Indomitable Worth

You’ve learned to believe your worth is conditional and depends on how others feel about you.  You’ve learned to believe worth is created, earned, and changeable.

This is why shame, guilt, and rejection have so much power.

This focus guides you in discovering, for yourself, that your worth is independent and free of all conditions. 

This sets your true self free and you begin to know, love, and be who you really are through that your real, indomitable worth.

Here’s the outline for this Focus:

  • Module One: Value Identity
  • Module Two: Hearing Your Voice
  • Module Three: Real Worth
  • Module Four: Differentiating Yourself
  • Module Five: Liberating Your Worth From Meaning
  • Module Six: Self-sense
  • Module Seven: Identify With Real Worth
  • Module Eight: Embody & Express Who You Really Are

Focus Five: Master Healthy Relating

Relationships, communication, attachment, and  conflict are scary, complex experiences for relational trauma survivors like codependents. 

This focus gives you a framework to use in building healthy, safe relationships, navigating conflict and attachment pain, and creating communication that works. 

Here’s the outline for this Focus:

  • Module One: Foundation Of Healthy Relating
  • Module Two: Operational Trust
  • Module Three: Consent & Privilege
  • Module Four: Value Systems
  • Module Five: Use Of Power In Relationships
  • Module Six: Building Secure Attachment
  • Module Seven: Creating Real Communication
  • Module Eight: Navigating Conflict Into Intimacy
  • Module Nine: Removing Possessiveness, Implementing Real Connection
  • Module Ten: Biography & Relating Map

To Succeed, You Only Need To Do Four Things:

  1. Watch the class recordings
  2. Do the practices consistently (2 – 3 times a week)
  3. Get support when you need it (more on this below)
  4. Go at your own pace

Do this and you will start experiencing results. 

You Don't Do This Alone. You Get Unparalleled, Unlimited Live Support

We heal together through the seven cornerstones of badass support, designed with flexibility in a go at your pace structure. See below for details regarding each cornerstone.


(Go as slow you need or go at the pace set with the live course classes)



Often pressure to get things done, do things in a specific time frame, or an impulse to please the teacher interferes with organic healing, causing frustration, burnout, fear, shame, and withdraw.

My trainings and practices are designed to accommodate YOU, not you accommodate them.  You can go as slow you need or go at the pace set with the live classes.

This allows you the time and flexibility to do the work and live life, too.  It also helps you begin trusting your own capacity and body’s wisdom.


Marshall Burtcher's Personal Involvement

This work isn’t you just watching a video and doing a practice.

This work is *living*. 

I am personally teach the classes, running the community, and I personally run the support calls.  You will get to ask questions, practice tools, and get support from me personally as you grow and heal.

Put another way, you are not doing this work alone anymore.

A bit about me: After 25+ years of codependency and 13 years of freedom from it, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional, relational, and mental terrain that come with knowing, loving, and living who you are.
I’ve built healthy, secure intimate and platonic relationships, resilient self-worth, self-trust, and peace in my personal life after a life of trauma, depression, social isolation, and failed relationships.
Today, I help survivors experience for themselves peace, love, connection, and the joy of knowing, loving, and living who they are.


(Attend As Needed)



Now you can call in and get real-time support from Marshall and other students as you do the work.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, you are invited to attend live support calls.

There are two types of calls:

  • Homework Support:  Get questions about homework answered, do the homework together, and practice tools and concepts with Marshall and other students
  • Live Mentoring: Bring your daily life challenges, celebrations, and discoveries and share them here.  You will get support from Marshall and other students

Yes, you get support both in the homework and with your daily life.

The current call schedule is:

  • Homework Hours: Tuesdays at 10am and 5pm Mountain Time
  • Live Mentoring Hours: Tuesdays at 11am and 6pm Mountain Time
Support calls are NOT recorded for the privacy of members.


(Attend As Needed Or Watch The Recordings Anytime)

practice sessions


No longer do you need to wonder if you’re doing a practice correctly, or have to do it alone.  You can follow along with recorded practice sessions and see how the tools, practices, and concepts are done, as well as access live practice sessions when they’re available (schedule varies).


(Attend As Needed Or Watch The Recordings Anytime)

specialized focus trainings


Take your healing and mastering deeper with these custom trainings designed to help advance your freedom, peace, and power in your personal life.

The Specialized Focus Trainings are developed in response to the needs students express and innovative trainings Marshall develops to help you thrive.

Classes include topics like:

  • Healing the fawn response
  • Healing the trauma bonds
  • Communication that works
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Playing in daily life
  • Building Friendships
  • Money
This includes attending the live edition when they’re first taught or updated.


(Attend As Needed Or Watch The Recordings Anytime)



Knowledge is not enough to embody and your deep, healthy self.  Nor are practices and tools.

You need a process that helps you integrate and bring to rest the deep pain and hurts that drive your people-pleasing, perfectionism, insecurity, shame, and guilt.

The Directed Emotion Processing Sessions gently guide you through connecting with your inner reality, caring for the pain there, and emerging with more peace.

These sessions take place on Sundays at 7pm and Tuesdays at 9am, often twice a month (schedule varies based on need and other requirements) via ZOOM.

Sessions are recorded.




Discover friendships, support, and play in the Student community.

Communities are where you and others can connect over mutual interests, challenges, as well as get support for the specific work you’re doing in a particular course.

Connect with and build friendship with fellow students.



  • Inclusivity: We are an inclusive community, supporting the LGBTQIA community, Transgendered individuals, neurodivergent individuals (Autism, ADHD, etc), and minorities. Respect the pronouns of those that specify their pronouns
  • Kindness: Speak kindly and directly with others. No shaming, gossiping, or putting down others
  • Positive Intent: Assume positive intent on the part of others, as the majority of persons do not have ill intent in their actions, even if it is a painful impact
  • Boundaries: Stay in your lane and do not try to fix or coach others


Generally, these rules are here as a means of creating structure and clarity about expectations.  It is rare that there is a conflict in these areas.

  • Political, religious, and spiritual discussion is not allowed unless it is in a spiritual, political, or religious group.  These types of groups are currently not available in the Communities
  • Bigotry will not be tolerated
  • Racism will not be tolerated
  • Harassment of any type (sexual, religious, racial, etc) will not be tolerated
  • Emotional, verbal, or online harassment, abuse, or intimidation will not be tolerated
  • Proselyting or preaching will not be tolerated
  • Communication and other rules are outlined here:  Community Rules
  • Resolve conflicts, disagreements, or misunderstandings between each other with care.  Do not involve Marshall or his staff in personal conflicts with other students.
Individuals that violate the values of the membership will be removed from the communities, and possibly the entire system, and their membership canceled.  Generally, if a violation occurs, a discussion will be had, a commitment to change made, and then evaluation.  However, if there is a bigoted attack or racist attack, that person will be removed without notice.
By joining, you agree to be accountable to these rules.
If this is not acceptable to you, do not join.


  • Soothe your anxieties and fears
  • Increase your sense of peace gently, easily
  • Access and feel your real worth at anytime
  • Identify healthy and unhealthy people very quickly
  • Identify trustworthy persons
  • Soothe pain and distress and reduce it significantly over time
  • Speak directly, clearly, and kindly without massive anxiety or fear
  • Identify and reduce your shame and guilt
  • Identify and neutralize your fawning habits
  • Feel safer staying out of fixing other people’s feelings and problems
  • Be able to hear your voice, your wants, your needs, your boundaries and follow-though on them
  • Increase your self-trust
  • Identify and use your personal power for your well-being
  • Increase safe, secure connection with others and reduce attachment anxiety or avoidance
  • Discover community, build friendships, and cultivate love
  • Handle rejection without shaming yourself
  • Care for hurts and fears in ways that soothe and nurture yourself
  • Identify your needs and nurture them
  • Know your boundaries and follow-through on them




  • Video and audio versions of the trainings
  • Printable PDF homework guides and class slides
  • Follow-along MP3 and video versions of tools and practices that guide your healing and growth
  • Online access via PC or Smartphone via Chrome browser for login


  • Class averages 2 hours in length
  • Trainings come with printable PDF version of the slides for note-taking
  • Homework is 20 minutes a week on average for the primary practices
  • It is always go-at-your-own-pace
  • 35 core trainings, 10+ pre-recorded bonus trainings


Watch A Real Class In Action

You can watch a 18-minute sample from a live class below.  It includes a content section, then homework descriptions.  It has been edited to preserve the privacy of the students in the class.

Watch below:

Get A Sample Of The Homework Guide

Yes, I do.  You can download the homework sample by clicking below:

Watch A Real Support Call

You can watch a recording of a portion of a common support call below. It has been edited to preserve the privacy of the students involved.

Watch below:


This Is Designed For Individuals That:

  • Identify with being a people-pleaser and seek love through approval
  • That struggle with trusting their own perceptions of reality
  • That doubt their feelings and senses
  • That wonder what is real
  • That feel unreal or invisible
  • Struggle to create healthy relationships, trust, and connection
  • That are seeking to have relationships and friendships that are satisfying
  • That are seeking more purpose and prosperity in their life
  • That want to be themselves without fear, guilt, or shame
  • That want themselves back

There Are Pre-requesites To Join:

  • Must be in therapy, seeking a trauma therapist, or be willing to if recommended by Marshall
  • Must be in or seeking a support community online and in real life
  • Willing to do the work and take it at their own pace
  • Understand there is no quick-fix or instant healing; it takes persistence and curiosity instead
  • Understand that Marshall is not a therapist; he’s a trauma-informed coach and mentor
  • Agree to 100% responsibility for the actions and choices you take in this course

So... What's All This Worth?

Let's Break Down The Value

  • The complete system, trainings, and updates: $15,000
  • Unlimited access to weekly support calls and Facebook Community: $10,000
  • Unlimited access to the Practice Sessions and Specialized Focus Trainings: $5,000
  • Lifetime access to all the above: Priceless

TOTAL: $30,000


Your Opportunity To Enroll Closes In:



Pay In Full And Get:

  • The Codependency Transformation System
  • Lifetime access to course upgrades
  • The Q&A Calls
  • The Practice Sessions Library
  • The Specialized Focus Trainings Library
  • The Codependency Healing Tools & Meditations Library ($197 value)
  • The Essential Codependency Healing Trainings ($597 Value)
  • The Actually Heal Trainings ($597 value)
  • BONUS: The Self-Trust Special Focus Course ($997 Value)
  • BONUS: The Reclaim Innocence Course ($197 Value)
  • BONUS: Dating 101 For Ex-codependents ($249 Value)


You Get:

  • The Codependency Transformation System
  • Lifetime access to course upgrades
  • The Q&A Calls
  • The Practice Sessions Library
  • The Specialized Focus Trainings Library
  • The Codependency Healing Tools & Meditations Library ($197 value)
  • The Essential Codependency Healing Trainings ($597 Value)
  • The Actually Heal Trainings ($597 value)


Is There A Test Drive Of The Classes?

You can watch a 18-minute sample from a live class below.  It includes a content section, then homework descriptions.  It has been edited to preserve the privacy of the students in the class.

Video below:

Is There A Sample Of The Homework?

Yes, I do.  You can download the homework sample by clicking below:

Is There A Test Drive Of The Support Calls?

You can watch a recording of a portion of a common support call below. It has been edited to preserve the privacy of the students involved.

Watch below:

Will This Interfere With Therapy?

The trainings and practices in the Codependency Transformation System are designed with personal therapy in mind.  It is built around the principles that the student leads their therapy.

The courses involve tools that are oriented to the somatic, or felt-sense part of reality and experience, and included cognitive reframing practices using questions, exploration, and experience.

Will I Be Required To Complete Everything In A Specific Amount Of Time (or, Is it REALLY Go At Your Own Pace?)

All trainings and courses are go-at-your-own-pace, so you can go as slow as you want.

Is There A Refund Or Guarantee Period?

Refunds are available for 14 days after purchase.

There are no guarantees, as results are dependent on you doing the work.  However, we commit to helping you identify additional resources if needed for your success with this work.  This may include referrals to therapists or specialists.  Costs for these services are not included in your enrollment. You will be required to pay for those.

Got A Question Not Answered Here?  Click Below & Send It To Us!





After 25 years of codependency and 13 years of freedom from it, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional, relational, and mental terrain that come with knowing, loving, and living who you are.
I’ve built healthy, secure intimate and platonic relationships, resilient self-worth, self-trust, and peace in my personal life after a life of trauma, depression, social isolation, and failed relationships.
Today, I help survivors experience for themselves peace, love, connection, and the joy of knowing, loving, and living who they are.