Changes Coming to FTS and This week’s Sanity Check


January being the month of “new resolutions”, I’ve decided not to make a resolution, but some changes that will serve my core business desire this year: Contribution and Impact. The changes are first about how I engage you. I want to connect and contribute more to your life. This gives me a great sense of accomplishment and value in my work as a guide for people. The changes are secondly about vitalizing a community around what I offer so I can expand my reach and impact. I’ve chosen to do this because I’ve seen the immense impact my coaching and ministering has had on individuals over the past 7 years, and people need this and want this. Watching you grow out of uncertainty, fear or stuckness has been a gift. I’ve felt expanded and empowered to contribute more with each success you make.

The Changes!

They’re pretty simple, really:

I will be offering focused Relationship @ Play™ and Confidence @ Play™ Groups in the next month or so. These groups will take place online, with a private Facebook group, weekly exercises and challenges, and specific, customized content for each weekly challenge. These groups are focused on the common hurdles that the category faces. They’re designed to build community support, greater reach and impact, and affordable group-based coaching. They will run on a subscription basis with a lifetime purchase option. Pricing is looking to be between $47-97 a month, or a $497 for lifetime enrollment. Discounts for one-on-one coaching will be a bonus to the group, as well as free materials and monthly bonus surprises. Keep your eye out for more info on this.

This newsletter will move into a 3 – 5 times a week letter (depending on content schedules). A a minimum you’ll receive it weekly. In it, you’ll receive a link to my weekly youtube video, “Wednesday Sanity Check”. In fact, here’s the link to this week’s Sanity Check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsBy4qdRpug . The newsletter will become one of my 3 ways of generating connection and providing contribution (the other two ways are my facebook groups/page, and youtube channel).

Changes to my coaching line-up will be happening. In the past I’ve done generalized one-on-one coaching. That will still be available. I will be, though, specializing my focus in 2 areas:

  • Relationships @ Play™: this is my relationship re-fit program. If you’re struggling with relationships or in a relationship with struggles, this program will give you a tune-up on your skills and help you and your partner eliminate the blind-spots that are causing your drama, and help you improve your FIT (using the Right FIT Relationship Model).
  • Get Confidence Now™: NO MORE PEOPLE PLEASING FOR YOU. This is my program for people who are people-pleasers and want to start living life with peace of mind, confidence and a sense of being loved and appreciated for who they are and what they contribute.
  • Solo Programs: I’ve wanted to do solo programs for ages. I’m finally getting close to releasing my first one (Get Confidence Now™). It will have a buy-in for the Confidence @ Play group, but will also be doable as a stand-alone, self-help program with basic email support.

As you can see, I’ve been doing a lot of pondering and a lot of development work to achieve my core desire of contributing and expanding my impact. I hope to see and hear how these contributions impact your life and bring value to you.

Marshall Burtcher

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