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Sanity Check™: October 5th, 2016: Questioning Others Judgments

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Be Confidence™ Experiment #16: Embracing Acceptance

Let’s start ACCEPTING what has been and embracing the possibility of what else is possible.

Sanity Check: September 28th, 2016: Making Yourself Wrong

We frequently make ourselves wrong for various reasons. Discover what this means for you and

Be Confidence™ Experiment #15: Assumptions

Assumptions are interfering with your satisfaction, achievement, and joy in life. Breaking into awareness of

Sanity Check™: September 21, 2016: Liking You

Learn how liking you is an easier means to achieving inward friendship of yourself and

Tools & Techniques: Leaning Into

Making unconditional, non-judgmental contact with our emotions is primary to releasing them and growing through

Be Confidence™ Experiment #14: Undoing Comparison

Its time to put your results to work from last week’s experiement. Lets begin exploring

Sanity Check™ – September 14, 2016: Rejection

Rejection. We face it frequently. Its a natural part of our daily experience. Its essential

Be Confidence™ Experiment #13: Comparison

Comparison damages our ability to thrive, grow, and achieve. How many times a day do

Sanity Check™: September 7, 2016: Permenance

Permenance is something that tends to amplify our fears and rejection experiences. We get ourselves