Category: Vulnerability

Seeking Permission is Seeking Protection

[Seeking Permission is Seeking Protection]   I have a little foggy part of my thinking

When Mother’s Day Strikes

Holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… Can be a minefield of sorts for us.

Being limited and flawed is essential to intimacy

[Being limited and flawed is essential to intimacy] Never thought you’d hear that, I bet.

Book: Real Love

Gaining a grasp of what Real Love is, how it thinks, how it behaves, is

Video: A Powerful Thought on Vulnerability, Shame and Imperfection

The video is 20 minutes long. Mrs. Brown is a research specialist, focused on shame

Recommended Article: Men & Cheating: Hurtful Behavior to Meet unmet Needs

Motivators for behaviors, healthy or not, are central to understanding and transforming relationships. If you