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Being limited and flawed is essential to intimacy

[Being limited and flawed is essential to intimacy] Never thought you’d hear that, I bet.

Curiosity: My Tiny Secret

Curiosity.  Its the secret.  Really. It is.  Its the secret to living a happy life. 

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Self-compassion’s role in our development and success is achieving more clarity and light as science

FTS Article: Getting Honest

Honesty is often discussed in relationships.  Its a necessary part of establishing and maintaining integrity

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Friendship play a major role in our life. They can build us up, add to

Video: Louise Hayes on Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is central to healthy emotional living. Give yourself a few moments and view this

Book: Real Love

Gaining a grasp of what Real Love is, how it thinks, how it behaves, is

Video: Let’s Explore Shame

Shame and guilt are central to our self-concept and limit the amount, quality and type