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Seeking Permission is Seeking Protection

[Seeking Permission is Seeking Protection]   I have a little foggy part of my thinking

The Arenas of Perfectionism

The Arenas of Perfectionism Often perfectionism is spoken of as a lump-sum kind of thing.

Shame and Who You Are

Have you felt a reaction of shame when you think about who you are? Is

When Mother’s Day Strikes

Holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… Can be a minefield of sorts for us.

Being limited and flawed is essential to intimacy

[Being limited and flawed is essential to intimacy] Never thought you’d hear that, I bet.

Victim, hero, watermains

Being the victim is wayyyy too natural.  Just today I had the opportunity to choose

Sabotage Go™: Destroying Dreams On The Daily

Sabotage is fun.  Its a game you, me, your parents, your children, your frenemies play. 

Curiosity: My Tiny Secret

Curiosity.  Its the secret.  Really. It is.  Its the secret to living a happy life. 

June’s Insights for Success™

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