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Relief by letting others choose not to like or accept me

This is one of the odd, yet powerful, gains of Personal Sovereignty: the right of

Make Gratitude Safe Again

[Make Gratitude Safe Again] Gratitude is often used to smother disappointment, hurt, loss, and grief.

Conflict: Getting to Connection Again

Note: This article is one several discussing people-pleasing, love, connection, and  my approach to each.

Sanity Check™ – December 7th, 2016: Check Those Assumptions

Assumptions – opinions we treat as facts. This sets us up for numerous difficulties and

Counsellor In A Box – Relationship Rescue System

Fed up with your relationship never improving? Tired of the merry-go-round of fights and anxiety?

Sanity Check™: November 30, 2016 – Loving Our Feelings

Feelings – We love some and hate others. This week’s Sanity Check™ is all about

Sanity Check™: November 23, 2016 – Stop Being a Victim

DO you find yourself blaming other things, people, events, etc for your lack of action?

Sanity Check™: November 16, 2016 – Nice vs Kind

Did you know that Kindness and Niceness are NOT the same thing? In fact, they’re

Sanity Check™: November 9th, 2016: The Middle

Ever notice how things get really difficult and you have shit happening again that you’ve

Sanity Check™ – November 2nd, 2016: Emotional Availability

Emotional Availability is something of a mystery for many of us. We’re not sure how