Experience The Freedom Of Leading Your Life On Your Terms By Breaking Through The Fear Of Disappointing Others

Do you struggle with...

  • Feeling paralyzed by the disappointment of others?
  • Trying to find the “right way” to do things so they don’t get upset?
  • Trying to eliminate rejection?
  • Feeling free to pursue your life and take risks for your dreams and desires?
  • Feeling shameful or unworthy in general?

You can break through and discover increased peace, confidence, and energy towards your desires while reducing the fear, the shame, and the fixation on other people's opinions.

This month's Breakthrough Session can help you achieve this.

Does Disappointing Others...

  • Leave you feeling paralyzed as to what you say, do, or choose?
  • Feeling inadequate, scared, and unsure about yourself?
  • Getting nothing done and no progress on what really matters to you?
  • Drain your energy, creativity, and drive because you’re trying to please them?

Are you seeking...

  • A sense of confidence in yourself that can withstand rejection, failure, and change?
  • A feeling of freedom to be yourself regardless of what others think or say?
  • A sense of safety and space to take on your own desires?
  • Guidance on how to end this pain caused by disappointing others?
  • To feel confidence and safe to do what you really want with your life?

Your Fear Of Disappointing Others Isn't The Problem. What You Believe That Disappointment Means Is

Meaning is what you create when you attempt to figure out why something is happening or not happening. 

Often, the meaning you create reflects the wounds, hurts, and fears you’ve not resolved.

This is how you sabotage yourself and recreate the patterns of relationships, failures, and pain you’ve been living with.

Reduce The Fear Of Disappointing Others And Radically Increase Your Confidence And Peace

The meaning you give disappointment is what gives disappointment the power it has.

Your freedom depends on you detecting that meaning and liberating yourself from its power.

This way you’re not coping or tolerating the painful, uncomfortable feelings of disappointing others.

Instead, you’re feeling your own power, peace, and wholeness.

Take Back Your Power & Freedom From The Meaning That Keeps You In Fear Of Disappointing Others

We do this in my 1-day Breakthrough Session.

You will be guided in:

  • Discovering the meaning that drives your fear
  • Releasing that meaning and discover who you are beyond it
  • Caring for any pain or joy that emerges
  • Plotting your new path forward

Breakthrough Session Details:

  • Live Date: Saturday, November 11th, 2023 at 12pm Mountain Time
  • Session Time: Up to 3 hours
  • Includes lifetime access to the recording and the guide PDF
  • Includes mp3, video, and pdfs
  • Unlimited community support & email support

Break Through And Start Experiencing More Peace And Freedom Today

What will you create when feel safe and free to disappoint others and invest your energy and focus in your desires?

Come join us and let’s discover this together.


The Breakthrough Sessions Are Designed For Individuals That:

  • Have experience with regulating and soothing emotions
  • Are feeling stuck in getting past their fear of other people’s disappointment in them
  • Are seeking their power, freedom, or worth
  • Are trying to reach new goals, but their fear of other people’s disappointment in them causes them to freeze or stop

There are Pre-requesites To Join The System:

  • Must be able to access, regulate, and sooth their feelings
  • Willing to do the work and take it at their own pace
  • Understand there is no quick-fix or instant healing; it takes persistence and curiosity instead
  • Understand that Marshall is not a therapist; he’s a trauma-informed coach and mentor
  • Agree to 100% responsibility for the actions and choices you take in this Breakthrough Session



You get attendance to the live training and 24/7 access to the on-demand recording.  This includes:

  • Live attendance to this breakthrough session
  • The recording of the session in video and MP3 format
  • The Process PDF
  • The Codependency Healing Tools & Meditations Library ($197 value)
  • Unlimited support in the online student community and email



After 25 years of codependency and 14 years of freedom from it, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional, relational, and mental terrain that come with knowing, loving, and living who you are.
I’ve built healthy, secure intimate and platonic relationships, resilient self-worth, self-trust, and peace in my personal life after a life of trauma, depression, social isolation, and failed relationships.
Today, I help survivors experience for themselves peace, love, connection, and the joy of knowing, loving, and living who they are.