Bluntcake: People-pleasing sabotages connection and belonging

Note: Bluntcake episodes are more direct and firm information that can be confronting, especially when looking at one’s own behaviors. Please check in with your capacity before listening or watching. Doing so helps you make an informed choice about listening to information that may bring some activation to your body. This allows you to take responsible action on your behalf on what you take into your daily experience and how it affects you.

People-pleasing is the habit of doing things for others that we believe will cause them to like or choose us. It is a form of worth-seeking that is driven by a fear that rejection defines one’s worth.

It is one of the six core expressions of codependency.

It’s opposite is being yourself, asking directly for what you want, and receiving the outcomes.

Learn what to do to disengage people-pleasing and make asking and sharing yourself safer and easier in today’s episode:

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