FTS Article: Behaving in Love

Love has several dimensions.  It has Behavior.  It has feeling.  It has language.

Love as Behavior:

  • It is honest and clear
  • It enforces integrity and boundaries
  • It respects Self and Others and how the combinations work and don’t work
  • It seeks the best for both even when pain would be involved in allowing that
  • It refrains for posessing others
  • It says No
  • It says Yes
  • It asks

Love’s behaviors are generated from the premise of acceptance of self and others.  No agendas exist.  There is openness to expressing self and contributing in genuine peace with Self.

Notice that Love’s behaviors have nothing to do with:

  • Pleasing another
  • Acting or performing to get approval
  • Demand or work for acceptance
  • Attempts to fit in
  • Give-to-Get

How to begin Behaving in Love:

  • Get honest and clear with where you are at with a circumstance and a person
  • Ask yourself:  “If I were feeling loved in this circumstance, what would I contribute?”
  • Let yourself sit in that question and see what your body responds with
  • With the answer you get, explore expressing that
  • Evaluate Results with trusted sources

Behaving in love will reinforce the mental concepts that drive being loving.   Note that this is giving love.  Its not about getting love.   IF we feel we need love, we need to give it through behavior that is loving.  We can also ask for love from trusted sources.