Now you know your codependency score.

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Your score is your starting point in creating freedom, peace, healthy relationships, and happiness again in your life as it gives you insight into how much codependency is driving your daily life, relationships, and choices.

Understand your score below.

Understanding Your Score:

0-18 Points: Continue to grow your relationships and sense of self in your life as you have been doing.  Keep an eye out for where you might be pleasing others, avoiding your needs, or otherwise being “nice”. 

19-40 Points: Explore where you can improve your sense of safety and connection in your relationships, and increase your sense of worth and safety being yourself.  This will lead to more connection, prosperity, security, and enjoyment in your daily life.  Typically, a self-help book or a session or two with a therapist can help you fine-tune these areas of your life.

41-60 Points: Take a deeper look at your sense of self-worth, along with how to soothe and care for anxiety, insecurity, shame, and guilt.  There are important needs that are going unmet and need to be cared for. Learn more about what codependency is and how you heal it by reading below.

61+ Points: Codependency is likely the way you know how to live, how to breathe, and how to relate. You may feel that it is “who you are” or is simply all you’ve known. You may be in, exiting, or have just exited a toxic relationship. Learn more about what codependency is and how you heal it by reading below.

Your Next Step - Learn The 3 Secrets To Unlocking Self-Love, Freedom, And Peace, After Codependency, Abuse, and Neglect​

Codependency is not a disease, an identity, and is not permanent. It is not a shameful thing that is a result of a flaw in who you are.  It is actually driven by a biological response to repeating threats.  That response is called “Fawning”.  Fawning is where a person believes that they can please and appease others to get love, to get safety, and to stop abuse and neglect from happening.

Fawning inspires codependent behaviors as a strategy to help you get three specific needs met: A sense of safety in your relationships, a sense of connection with those you love, and a sense of worth in life.

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Codependency is not permanent. 

Fixing yourself is not necessary.

Get unstuck, heal for real, and start enjoying life, trusting yourself, and living free of your emotional pain.

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After 25 years of codependency and 15+ years of freedom from it, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional, relational, and mental terrain that come with healing codependency and achieving healthy relationships, emotional peace, closure with trauma bonds, and strong self-worth.
I’ve built healthy, secure intimate and platonic relationships, resilient self-worth, self-trust, and peace in my personal life after a life of trauma, depression, social isolation, and failed relationships.
Today, I help survivors experience for themselves peace, love, connection, and the joy of knowing, loving, and living who they are.