Author: Marshall Burtcher

FTS Article: Acceptance: The Nitty Gritty

Acceptance This is a tired word.  Its a word we hear all the time. “Accept

FTS Article: Behaving in Love

Love has several dimensions.  It has Behavior.  It has feeling.  It has language. Love as

FTS Article: Getting Honest

Honesty is often discussed in relationships.  Its a necessary part of establishing and maintaining integrity

FTS Article: Kicking Ass into Reality – Defeating Perfectionism

Perfectionism Perfectionism defined: it is a personality trait characterized by a person’s striving for flawlessness

PDF: Stories

Stories are fictions we tell ourselves. In my personal growth, I have found it necessary

Newsletter: July 2013 – The Love Equation

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Recommended Article: Relationship Between Meditation and Lowered Anxiety

Meditation is a required staple of working with The Process. This is partly why: it

Video: Introversion and its Power in Our World

Introversion has a negative stigma in our culture, as Extroversion is often cheered, high-lighted and

News: Announcing The Bookshelf

Ever wonder what books I’ve studied or What I recommend for reading? The BookShelf is

Audio Meditation: Object Awareness

This meditation focuses on becoming present with an object in your environment (a paper, pen,