Author: Marshall Burtcher

Lives in Boise, Idaho. Father of 2 smart, beautiful children. Has a passion for the Alien movie series, movie scores, EDM, self-development, and ice cream. Tends to be found talking deep things with friends or out and about Downtown when not tinkering with Free The Self or coaching with clients.

Seeking Permission is Seeking Protection

[Seeking Permission is Seeking Protection]   I have a little foggy part of my thinking

Ouch! Healing Broken and Aborted Attachment

Codependency being a coping mechanism serves several purposes for us. It attempts to be a

The Arenas of Perfectionism

The Arenas of Perfectionism Often perfectionism is spoken of as a lump-sum kind of thing.

When Saying No is Scary

Saying no is scary. And it makes sense that it is for you. Saying no

Shame and Who You Are

Have you felt a reaction of shame when you think about who you are? Is

Guilt and Enabling: How It Traps You

Guilt and Enabling. These two are hand-in-glove. Here’s the scenario: The other person is being

Do you have a Love Wound?

The Love Wound Codependency is not who you are and it is not something you

Feeling Safe Being Loved

Feeling safe being loved What would that be like? Have you felt unsafe letting others

When Mother’s Day Strikes

Holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… Can be a minefield of sorts for us.

Trauma and Codependency

Trauma and codependency… Go hand-in-glove. Codependency is the coping mechanism you created in order to