Creating Happiness After Codependency

I am driven by the truth that we do not have to cope anymore.  We can be free of our trauma, our codependency, and experience real love, connection, and happiness.  That is the purpose of Free The Self.

I help you achieve this by…

By Restoring You To Your Safety, Sanity, and Self

This happens through:

  • Expert trainings that reveal who you are through the lens of Love
  • Provide high quality information, processes, and support to make this fast and fun
  • Personal contact and support as needed
  • On-going support & community
  • Innovation in healing, self-discovery, and creating a life you enjoy living

If you’ve been seeking help from abuse, neglect, narcissistic parents or spouses, or you struggle to know who you are, access your emotions, and build connection, you are in the right place!

I understand how important it can be to know, like, and trust the person you’ll be exposing your life to.  Get to know me and how I approach healing, trauma, codependency, and happiness by browsing around Free The Self.com, following me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, or joining my free community, Thriving Beyond Codependency.