A Paradox With Feeling Safe

There’s a paradox about nurturing safety…

Safety is not the lack of intense emotion, or of feeling anxiety, unsure, or even insecure. These are emotions that feel unsafe when they’re combined with a claim that they should not exist.

I’ve found consistently in my personal healing work and with my students and clients that when these emotions are responded to with acceptance and even warmth and care, safety is CREATED.

Even in some of the most intense and dangerous circumstances I’ve been in, it was the warmth, care, and acceptance of my anxiety and fears that made things safe.

Not the elimination of the threat alone.

But how I was cared for and responded to at that moment.

Remember, trauma isn’t created by the event, but often by the lack of safe, secure connection during and/or after the event.

If you’re seeking to feel safer-ness in your life, approach your anxieties, insecurities, and fears with warmth and care AND share them with people who show the same towards you and themselves.

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