A bit on “being enough”…

That’s not your job.

That’s not even attainable.

Because “enoughness” isn’t real.

There’s compatibility and incompatibility.

There’s fit and not-fit.

There’s expansion and contraction.

There’s wholeness.

And none of those things require any kind of “enoughness” to exist.

Nor do you.

Your value isn’t predicated on enoughness. Its sovereign.

That means it is innately independent of all other factors. It doesn’t change. It can’t be added to or taken from.

The job here is to tap into, experience, then trust and centralize your sense of Self from this type of value.

This is how I continually discover who I am.

This is how my students do it, too.

Because we’re not seeking to be enough anymore. We’re discovering and being ourselves instead.

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