7-day Course on Codependency - Free The Self

Does this describe your experience?

  • Being told repeatedly you're wrong about things you KNOW you're right about?
  • Finding yourself feeling crazy and confused because the other person doesn't accept responsibility?
  • Feeling drained and emptied after "conversations" with your parnter/spouse/parent?
  • Wrestling with anxiety and depression?
  • Findign yourself obsessing about what your partner/spouse/parent think of you and how to get their approval?
  • Trying to fix or rescue them from their self-inflicted problems?
  • Being subjected to verbal tirades, screaming matches, and out-of-the-blue assaults on your character?
  • Told you're selfish, the problem, or exaggerating things when you give simply complaints about problems happening?
  • Feel attacked and diminished when you share what you're feeling (whether its happy or sad)?

You're not crazy.  You're not wrong.  You may have been the victim of narcissistic abuse. 

And none of that abuse is your fault.  It is the result of a mental condition called, "narcissism" or "narcissistic personality disorder".  This disorder leads you to develop what is called, "codependent" coping habits to survive the relationship...

You're not alone in this.  I lived through it myself....

Marshall Burtcher, Mentor and Coach in Self-love Resiliency & Confidence

My story starts very young, with my mother and father being a codependent and narcissistic match. 

I quickly learned as a small child that making my parents feel good lead to me feeling good about me.  I found it was the only way to get any attention, nurture or care from them (aside from being sick). 

I often found myself lonely, alone and simply not involved in what was happening because my parents didn't actively include me.

This lead me to developing fixing, rescuing and care-taking habits as my primary source of getting affection and love from them...only it wasn't love that I was getting.  I was getting imitation love, or "approval". 

Fast-forward twenty years, I found myself in an empty, dysfunctional marriage, and I wanted out.  But I was terrified of being alone, and what would happen to me if I didn't keep my wife close. 

I stayed in that marriage for nearly 10 years longer than I ought to have while I tried to "fix myself" and "fix my feelings". 

Does this sound familiar to you?

If so, you may be struggling with self-love deficit disorder (aka codependency). 

This "disorder" is a means of getting love from others when love is made "scarce" and difficult to obtain.  We become hyper-tuned to the needs and behaviors of our parent/spouse/partner so we can anticipate their "needs" and pre-emptively meet them. 

This gives us a strong sense of power, meaning and value in our lives, especially so when we succeed in making them feel good.  This is when we get the big "hit" of feeling strong, loved and valuable for what we do.

Its deceptive though.  We think we're finally being loved for who we are.  But in reality, they're only giving us that praise and attention because they like what we did for them. 

This leads us to ask the question, "what is real love then, Marshall?"

Real love is the warm, caring regard for another person and how they feel and what they want.  Its accepting them as they are.

But, here's the caveat.  This is done while also feeling the same warmth, regard and care for OURSELVES.   This empowers us to discern our boundaries, to say NO to things we do not want, and to say YES to things we do. 

So, how do you get there?

By educating yourself, exploring and discovering new outcomes, and resolving core "emotional associations" that define your present experience.   You must ally yourself with your experience and emotions to breakthrough and liberate from the grasp of shame, confusion and "crazy" that you've been dealing with.

This 7-day course does just this.  It:

  • Outlines how you got here:  Exploring codependency, narcissism, dissociation and self-love expands you into the Power of Understanding.  This empowers you see it within and around you, and help you comprehend that your experience is valid, real and matters.
  • Gives you a structure I call "Foundation" to begin recalling your power from others, choosing for yourself, and employing one of your most powerful superpowers (more on that in the course!)
  • Guide you into helping awaken yourself to your real felt experience, and begin to integrate and heal

This gives you the Intellectual Understanding that your experience is real.  It defines things clearly so you can move forward in recovering your power, embracing the future with openness and curiosity, and begin to stand with yourself. 

This leads to you feeling Confident, Powerful, and Taking Action for the life You WANT.

The 7-Day Liberation from People-pleasing Course™ Gives You:
7 Days of  Expert Video Instruction

Duration: Typically 5 Minutes

Each day you receive a video from me discussing an element of your journey and how to respond to it.  This include: Codependency, Narcissism, Power, Your Superpower, the Nature of Self-love, and more...

Steps and Clearly Defined Actions to Take

Learn what you must do to heal, to grow, to thrive.  Each day gives action steps to take that are proven to achieve the outcome of Resilient Confidence, Self-love and Emotional Peace.

7 Days of Expert Written Instruction

Easy, Accessible Anywhere

Gain deep insight into each topic through the PDF and its associated resources, including videos and written materials.

Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Community

Connect, build friendships, and grow your confidence and insight through sharing with fellow badasses!

To Review:

  • Daily Expert Instruction on How to Liberate Yourself from Self-love Deficit Disorder/Codependency
  • Proven Resources that Empower You to Love and Live Genuinely
  • Community Support and Love
  • Proven results for people like you
  • Easy Access on your phone, PC or MAC

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