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Are you a people-pleaser? Do you struggle with Anxiety or Insecurity? You're in the right place.

I help people just like you evolve the life they have into the life they want.

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We expect to be loved for what we do, but love is about being accepted and embraced for who we are. We believe others grant us permission to be ourselves and to do what we want, but we're actually the only authority in our lives.

Further, we find ourselves thinking that having control will result in getting what we want. But reality is, we face deep disappointment and frustration as our expectations backfire and go unfulfilled.

It's time to change that...

A Bit About Marshall Burtcher, Founder & Mentor

Marshall Burtcher - CCF & Shamanic Practitioner

Hi! People-pleasing and I were best-friends for 25+ years.  It manifested through deep anxiety, depression, mediocre relationships, and self-induced chaos in life. Twelve years ago, I decided I wanted change or I was out.  Traditional therapies, medications, and sheer will-power had failed me...

What I Teach and Mentor In...

Resilient Self-Love™

Build the skills and inward emotional and mental habits that allow you to thrive from who you are. You will face difficulty and challenge, with ease, curiosity, and triumph.  Life will no longer be scary and dominating.  It will be thrilling, challenging, and rewarding.

It all starts with Simply Confidence ™ - my foundation meditation course for nurturing your innate self-worth.  We begin self-healing the incorrect "emotional associations" that create your inward relationship with your Self.  This liberates you mentally and emotionally to learn who you  really are.  Start Now.

Emotion Mastery™

Develop rock-solid skills & habits that liberate you from feeling stuck and inhibited by the pain emotions of your past and present.

Emotion Mastery™ provides you with tools that facilitate Space and Release around your most entrenched and powerful pain emotions.  Combined with a strict mindfulness diet, you will discover lasting, growing peace and freedom from old pain.  New, loving and fulfilling emotions will blossom in your daily life.  Confidence, self-love, and peace will become your normal.

It all starts with Emotion Mastery™ Principles.  Start Now.

Core Priority-driven Living™

It takes bad-ass courage to live life on your terms, but do you know what those terms are?  Core Priority-driven Living™ helps you discover those terms and then helps you shape your life around them.

Bonded, Fulfilling Relating™

Relationships.  We love/hate them. We crave 'em.  Often they're also reactionary rather than deliberate.  Bonded, Fulfilling Relating™ empowers you to look at your relationships as a path of Discovery (rather than commitment), and utilize Communication, Conflict, and Bonding skills to improve the quality and honesty of your relationships.

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